BT “Customer Service” Is A Contradiction In Terms

This BT customer is unhappy like many others with BT customer services saying “BT’s customer service is a contradiction in terms”. Read why here.


We recently moved house and wanted to remain with BT (In retrospect, I don’t know why!). So we used there Moving Home service to seamlessly move our telephone and Broadband service to our new house. We moved in at the beginning of April and have had nothing but problems with the Broadband service.

I have just spent the last 9 days trying to get some kind of resolution to a fault which causes BT’s Broadband service to cut off and reboot my Hub intermittently. Sometimes the service lasts for hours but then at other times it cuts off and reboots every minute or so. Every time I call BT’s help line I go through the same old rigmarole: –

BT – “What is the telephone number you are calling about?”.
Me – “0172******”
BT – “You are calling about a business line?”
Me – “No, it is a residential line”
BT – “Our records show that number as a business line”
Me – “Your records are wrong, I suggest you get your admin to put them right”
BT – “Ok, that line does not have Broadband”
Me – “Yes it does, I’ve been using it for the last two and a half months. You really need your admin to sort out and correct your records”
BT – “What is your account number”
Me – “GB02******”
BT – “I see that you have an order for your phone line and Broadband outstanding”
Me – “No, I’ve been using it for the last two and a half months. You really need your admin to sort out and correct your records”
BT – “ I am sorry for the trouble you are having. I will get in touch with the department concerned to update your records”

I have called BT at least a dozen times now over the last week or so and have had to put up with the above each time. On most occasions it has taken about 30 minutes to get to a point where we actually discuss the problem with my broadband. At the end of the conversation they promise to sort things out and call back. They never sort the problem out and when they do call back it’s only to ask if my broadband is working at that particular moment. Which it always is, they never call when it is down!. After more than a week they have been unable to correct their records and still think I have a business line with no broadband. The Outstanding order is still showing as outstanding. They seem totally incompetent of doing anything to put things right and always seem to be reading from a script when you speak to them. Also, those in India or wherever in Asia, have no appreciation of our culture of if they do they don’t understand it and they keep saying “sorry” but really don’t sound sincere (obviously scripted sorrys).

Overall, BT Customer service consists of difficult to understand foreigners because of their accents and lack of knowledge about British culture, who are only any good at reading from a script and put more emphasis on identifying the customer than dealing with the problem. They are insincere with their apologies (a bit like some Americans with “have a nice day”) and in some cases rude with their attempts to sound more friendly. ie One individual I spoke to thought his priority was to ask me “how are doing?” rather than just saying “hello, how can I help you?”…… Any promise made are never kept, they don’t sort things out or phone back. They try give the impression that they are trying to help but really they aren’t and they just don’t care. Customer Service is non existent in BT! After 9 days and hours on the phone to them my Broadband service is still faulty and BT records are still uncorrected. I am totally P’d off with them.



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  1. bt is miss selling again i have emails and a utube voice recording david gross mans team led by charles roberts have failed to any good will they have the emails please let the public decide it is ref bt websites syed haider sales man and james weaver web developer trying to sell me a website thats not possible according to charles roberts he quotes bt does not do database websites mine was a dating site so ?

    i have proof bt wont listen ian livingston passed email to david grossman

  2. my broadanb is rubbish , i cant download the service keeps dropping out and BT pass me from piller to post. After 3 engineer visits who all say i get at best .5 meg, i am 7.5 kms from the exchange and my speed and service cant be improved.
    BT WONT ALLOW ME TO END MY CONTRACT WITHOUT PAYIN THEM A PENALTY OF £90. How can this be legal and right, shame on you BT INDIA LIMITED.

  3. I have found the service appalling, reporting a fault is line an indurrance test and the response is very murky! I have had no phone line and intermittent broadband for over a month and even though a BT engineer has been out and confirmed that there is something wrong with the line BT have yet to sort it. If I right their service they say there is no fault after testing and I have to remind them that they have already had an engineer out who tested all the system and found that there was water in the line which was causing an interference. Customer service is driving me mad, no one talks to anyone, nobody appears to follow the thread of a complaint and 'sack' it off with resolved if they as much as send you an email. But my question is how can it be resolved if I am still without my phone AHHHHHH!!!!

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