BT Customer Service Incompetence

This BT customer services complaint was sent in regarding BT promising to transfer business calls to a customers mobile phone which was not done resulting in possible loss of sales. 

Dear Sir

On the Friday 18th of September 2009 our neighbour brought our telephone line down whilst cutting trees with a chainsaw.  We have 1 Business line, 1 Private line, and BT Broadband.  BT faults said it would be repaired as soon as possible.  Sunday morning an Engineer arrived, he said he could not re-connect our line as it broke rules and regulations.  We asked “How”?  He said because it crossed over the access lane it was too low.  We pointed out that it had been there for over 20 years and if it had not been cut down it would still have been there despite rules and regulations.  We then suggested that as the line had been fixed to the lower edge of the roof, could he not re-connect it to the peak of the roof to raise the height.  He said “Can’t do that, because it crosses the lane we need to have a surveyor look at it”.  On Monday BT said they would transfer our business calls to my husbands mobile. This is when the problems began….

However one of our customers later informed us that he had called requiring some work and left a message.  We did not receive that message. Our daughter also phoned us on the business number and got no answer.   So we are unaware of how much work was lost because not all calls were diverted. When I complained to BT I was told “don’t worry you will get compensation”. 

Well the week passed by with us using two ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones to run the business, then on the afternoon of Friday 25th an Engineer came, said he could’nt understand why we’d not been re-connected and promptly re-connected the line to the peak of the roof where we had sugested 5 days earlier.

The Compensation – for the loss of 1 job and possibly more. – having to pay mobile phone charges for the week including numerous calls to BT. and the loss of 3 pre-paid services.  The Compensation received £8.00. towards the mobile phone bills.

It seems that as BT is the only telephone option in this area it can treat its customers with contempt.

Maureen Lyon.

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