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Another major BT customer service complaint is found here. Like so many others I have received, it shows BT total lack of customer service skills and helping customers with their problems.

Dear Sir,
On May 22nd, I rang BT to see if we could have a phone line connected to our new flat. They told me I needed a new phone line installed costing £124.99. At the time I told the lady, I didn’t get her name, that I couldn’t afford it outright so she gave me the option to pay the £124.99 over 6 months by direct debit.

On this basis I agreed to have the phone line fitted and requested monthly billing, on direct, and for our number to be ex-directory. I then gave them my bank details and told them which day to take the payment. I was expecting a letter of confirmation but it never arrived so I rang them the day before our original installation date (6th June) to which they said they had never received an order from us and had no record of my call.

I was furious as we had already waited 3 weeks for the line to be fitted and they could not tell me why the order had been cancelled even though I had been giving an order number. they also demanded that I pay the £25 deposit again, to which I refused, eventually they agreed to use the £25 from the original order

Anyway, I reordered the phone line provided it was under the same conditions as the previous order, i.e. ex-directory, monthly billing & the £124.99 split over the 6 months. I was promised this would be the case by Richard, we we’re also told we could have £30 compensation added to the account due to the inconvenience. I was assured that the engineer would come after 3 pm as I don’t finish work until 2pm.

When I arrived home there was a note under the door saying “Your BT engineer came today at 2pm but you were not home”. At this point I had given up hope with BT so decided I wouldn’t ring them to re-order the line.

Then I received a text with a new date for the installation., the 21st June. I then decided not to cancel the line as they had finally got it together so my partner waited for the engineer who did a brilliant job and fitted the line with me thinking “finally BT standing by their promise” but I was wrong. I have since had a bill for £164.99. I was horrified by this bill, I am 22 and my partner and I have just moved to Torbay so haven’t got the funds to pay the bill.

I rang BT immediately to find out if there had been a mistake, suprise suprise, they had no record of my previous conversation with Richard and were no longer offering to split bill over 6 months. Nor were we on monthly billing and we were not ex-directory, so basically, not the product I had ordered at all.

They demanded that I pay £75 over the phone and they would then split the rest of the bill over 3 months by direct debit. I refused to pay the £75 on the basis that I only agreed to the phone line being fitted if I could pay it over 6 months.

After an hour on the phone and arguments about who was in the wrong I eventually got to speak to a manager who agreed to allow me to pay the bill over 6 months and change our account to monthly billing and ex-directory.

1 week later I receive a final notice letter demanding payment within 7 days, so again I called BT to see if there was a mistake, and again, they had no record of any of my conversations, nor had our account been changed to ex-directory or monthly billing. By this point I had really lost my temper and told them to take the phone line out. They then demanded payment of £56 over the phone and then 4 monthly payments of £36, which would have meant me paying them £240 in total, so obviously I refused and asked to speak to the manager again. He then agreed the original terms, AGAIN, and this time promised the following things:

1) a credit of £30 on the account
2) to change our account to ex-directory
3) that no late payment fees would be charged to the account
4) that we would be on a monthly billing plan
and finally 5) that the direct debit team would call me in 3-4 days to set-up our direct debit.

At the time I was also told that only the direct debit team can set up direct debits, which is concerning as on the first phone call to BT I was able to do it with the same person I placed the order with and on the same phone call, without waiting for someone to call me back or being transferred to another department.

At the time I told them, quite clearly, that this would be the last time I would ring them and that if they didn’t take note of my phone call this time then I would see them in court. This was 3 weeks ago and I have still had no phone call but I have had a letter notifying me of a late payment fee. I have a complaint number given to me by BT and a reference number to quote my phone call. I am now at the stage where the stress is causing me to not sleep and worry that I’m going to have bailiffs at my door.

I have never had any intention to not pay BT what I owe them but I am only prepared to pay them on the conditions that were offered to me at the time I placed my order, that the bill be split over 6 months. I refuse to ring BT again as I feel i will be wasting my time but don’t know what to do next. I’m concerned that I have such a large debt to my name and that the company of whom I owe the debt are completely ignorant to “treating customers fairly” regulation from the FSA. I

really need some advise on what to do next because although I will go to court if it comes to it, I would prefer for this situation to be sorted without that stress too. I understand that they have fitted the line and therefore have supplied me with the product I ordered, but the credit conditions upon which I ordered the line have been completely ignored. If I bought a car on finance I wouldn’t expect a bill 2 weeks later for the full amount!!!

The things that worry me most is:

1) they took my bank details over the phone and then have no record of my call, being a victim of card fraud, I go out of my way to prevent my bank details being given unless it’s a trusted company, and feel they have let me down, if there is no record of my call, who has my bank details? and

2) that I can’t afford to pay this bill outright and it seems to be the only option they are offering to me unless I pay £75 more than what the bill was originally.

Please help me. Add your comments below with any advice you may have.

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