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A reader of this BT complaints website emailed in this short complaint. We encourage all readers of this website to email in their complaints about BT and share with other readers and be included in the report sent for investigation to Ofcom, Watchdog and BT.

Dear BT Complaints

I read the case histories with interest as they mirror my recent problem in getting BT to supply without any of the frustrations I have so far experienced. I have a rapidly expanding file, much emanating from my fruitless attempts to get BT to correct the many errors they have made in billing, set-up etc.

I do not want to bore you with the full history, my message is more a request to know what is, or can be, done to represent the obvious disatisfaction from so many.

I have written to BT Complaints Team threatening the issue of a court summons to counter their heavy handed threats to farm out unjustifiable overdue accounts to collection agencies with the possible consequence to my credit rating.

As an illustration of the past and current history I am currently barred from making outgoing calls because of an unpaid bill for an account which was only created on the 15th of last month, this account replaced the previous one which was canceled by BT because of the complete mess they made of it.

I would appreciate any news or information of how BT’s shortcomings are being challenged by other customers, I do appreciate you encourage visitors to you page to submit their experiences and I will do so with pleasure.

Keith Taylor

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