BT Customer Complaint – I have ZERO faith in BT

This is a BT complaint sent in today to share with others from an angry customer who has problem after problem and highlights the poor customer service still being delivered by BT to many customers across the UK.

Dear Sir

I don’t believe anything I am told from BT.

I started to have faith in BT when you resolved the previous issue but once again, I don’t trust BT and in the short time I have been with you I have:

1. Had the equipment left outside my door when I wasn’t home (was on holiday – returning on September 29th. Parcel was left there from the 27th).

2. Broadband order was not completed on activation date (September 30th). Several calls to BT failed to resolve this as well as contacting @BTCare on Twitter

3. I complained about the quality of the Freeview signal in my area. You’re “get out of jail free card” was a tickbox on your website saying “Do you have a working aerial?”. As I have been with Sky TV for almost 10 years, I assumed the aerial was fine and as I didn’t have a freeview box I was unable to test it. I even got an aerial specialist out to see if there was anything they could do to improve it, but there isn’t due to being on a dip in the hill.

4. Broadband was disconnected (November 4th) due to the order not completing. I called up BT to report the issue but guess what? I couldn’t log the fault as my line showed as no broadband order on it, so I was several days without service and had to use a 3G Dongle (At my cost). Also, due to this BT vision didn’t work so couldn’t even pass the time watching television (signal not working, couldn’t stream catchup services).

5. Promised I would get a credit applied to the account as a gesture of good will.

6. Entire phone line and broadband line went down (19th November) which was reported on the 20th and fixed on 21st. Another day at home off work to get it fixed. Oh, and guess what? Still not able to watch television due to poor signal and no streaming services.

7. BT Bill came in today (26th November) and guess what? No credit applied.

8. Contacted you who said you hadn’t actually applied it to the account when you said you would.

You can understand why I am livid. As said, I have no alternative then to go to OFCOM and register a complaint about how my account has been handled. No letter of deadlock as you broke the agreement we had when you didn’t credit the account when you advised me. The fact you only applied the credit after I complained today does not get you out of failing on your part of the agreement, especially as my account does not reflect the credit on the front end.

I am working on setting up a business and whilst this is a home connection, I am doing a lot of the ‘donkey work’ from home in my spare time such as creating, testing websites, creating manuals, talking with my business partners in America etc Being without service is delaying our launch which had to be put back 2 weeks due to my issues.

I have ZERO faith in BT.

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    I thought I’m going to get the best services and paid a lot more., but switching to BT is one of the worst decisions I have made and still repenting on it badly. I switched on BT about three weeks ago and reported over 5 faults and complaints with the Phone Line and Broadband services

    To start with 3 days delay in switching the Telephone and Broadband services. I have to live without any telephone and broadband services. I work from home so this is not acceptable for me at all.

    Day 1: No incoming calls … calls goes straight to message “This number is not recognised”. Reported a fault and complained that the switchover is not done properly. No one listened to me instead blamed my home equipment and wiring, where the message is clearly telling that the services not available. They booked an engineer who came after 4 days and done his testing … no fault at my home and BT hasn’t ported my number so the switchover was not complete… the same issue which I have been complaining about. During this period I have to stay home for the day taking time off from work and stay on hold and in queues for hours. Highly pathetic experience.

    One week later, the super fast broadband stopped working … it keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting. I work from home and this is causes me loss of my business and reputation as I can’t get the work done on time. I logged a complain again and guess what I found … BT is upgrading the Hub5 firmware and knew about the fault, but never bothered to inform their customers to save them from this grief and pain. They told me it may take 48 hours, it has been 5 day and the issue remains … the customer services is totally broken. There is no coordination between their departments.

    I am sick and tired of complaining and waiting and decided to leave them. I’m now trying to cancel the services but it is even more difficult than fixing the fault. It have been three days and I have being placed on hold for hours and passed through various team and departments with onshore and offshore locations. They can’t find the person who has the authority to refund the money I paid in advance and cancel the services. Finally when I managed to reach the person who has the authority … guess what .. the phone line dropped … TWICE. I have no idea which depart was that due to switch over between various support agents and if I try again I have to tell my story about why I’m cancelling it to everyone all over again and in the end the call drops and no one will call me back … This is what they call Customer Retention … people will get tired of complaining and live with their services … Oh.. another interesting bit .. The agents started arguing between each other while putting me on conference … blaming each other of not during their jobs properly … very professional services..

    I’m where I was last week, the issue remains, no resolution and a complete waste of my time and money. Save yourself from this misery and signup for a provider with good services… do some research before getting into their marketing scam … DO NOT SWITCHOVER TO BT.

  • I wish I had read this before switching. My service from BT is due to start tomorrow but no equipment has been delivered. When I phoned I was told my order had failed at their end and it will be several weeks before it can be progressed. I then received an email giving connection and delivery dates which are all in the past, presumably when it should have happened.

    I am currently on hold 45 minutes and counting for this call, my second today.

    I emailed a complaint yesterday and was told they would get back to me within 7 days. Not my idea of service.

  • BT are not to be trusted. After 3 weeks of going though many steps to resolve problem I am then told if I want and engineer it will cost £129. They are joking ofcourse as it is cheaper to get another provider. So do not trust them

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  • I have a BT phone and can store numbers in the 'phone book' feature. The handset has a pre-programmed number of 118500 put in by BT. This number was accidentally pressed for 1 second and resulted in a charge of £5:58. BT said there was no way a refund would be made. Also the number cannot be deleted like the other numbers that have been entered. I never asked for this number to be set into the machine that I had purchased, BT just doe's it.A change of phone is on the way without pre-set numbers.

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