BT Contact Changed – No Notice Given

This BT customer is angry their phone line contract has changed without any notice.

Dear service,

As per our first plan, we should pay only £12.50 for the rental of the line, plus the calls made. However, on the 5th of November 2009, our BT plan has been updated to “Friends and Family mobile” without any document signed/agreed. You contacted us for an upgrade and changed our plan, which has not been agreed. Please find below the complaint for the 5th of November 2009 (BT operator name not given) and the 26th of April 2010 (Mr. Pradeep).

Complaint for the 5th of November 2009:

  • The plan has been changed without document signed/agreed on the 5th of November 2009. In other terms, our agreement has not been given to BT to upgrade our plan and we are paying an extra of £1.50 per month for the “Friends and Family Mobile”.
  • From November 2009 to February 2010, with this new plan we have paid £15.45 per month instead of £12.50 with the previous plan (£2.95 extra per month) and from February 2010 to May 2010, it has increased now to £15.78 per month.
  • The information communicated on the phone by your contact was confusing and limited (cost/extra charges never fully given).

Complaint for the 26th of April 2010:

  • We have contacted your service for more clarification and spent 1 hour and 19 minutes on the phone with no good and clear explanation.
  • The responsiveness to our call request was extremely slow (very frustrating!), long waiting time.
  • The information communicated on the phone by your contact person was limited (e.g. extra charges in case of cancellation). The explanations were given only after insisting several times.
  • The cancellation fees to return to the original plan agreed are very high (£47) for a mistake made by your service. It is unacceptable!
  • The BT contact/operator was not able to give us the customer complaint number.
  • The BT contact/operator was not even able to transfer us to the customer complaint service.
  • The BT contact/operator did not know the process for customer complaint.
  • Afterwards, he told us that the customer complaint service will call us back and no call has been received.

Our request:

  • We want the same plan that has been agreed in May 2009 without extra fees (no cancellation fees).
  • We want to be refunded the extra amount paid since the 5th of November 2009.
  • We want to be contacted by your service to give some clarification on our situation, plan and monthly payments.

Thank you in advance for your fast response.

Best regards,

Jawad Toussaad

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