BT Connection Complaint

This is another BT connection complaint from a customer with no phone or broadband.

Dear BT complaints blog

You will be aware that on the 21st August I rang and informed you that I had no phone and no internet connection.
It transpires that No 47 xxx Crescent had a water meter installed and the engineers who performed this work managed to cut the telephone cable for 47, 51 and 53. All these users were also Sky cable customers so we all lost this facility also.

We are now twelve days without a BT connection, have had three holes dug in the pavement, four visits from BT technicians, (sometimes two vans at a time) and various disinformation communications from your ongoing complaints department.

We approached your technician yesterday afternoon outside our home, he was very pleasant and helpful but were advised that we were not scheduled to be reconnected, only number 51, as they were the only complainants he had received. The current situation is that we are expecting a maintenance team today, Friday, to call and dig another hole and a further visit from a BT technician in the final hope of reconnecting our line later today.

I have made several calls and texts to you on my mobile, and I have managed, with my husband to spent almost £25.00. We have had to make urgent medical calls as we are both about to undergo treatment and the scenario is such that if we do not respond within two weeks it will be considered that we no longer wish to go ahead with medical intervention. No frivolous calls have been made. My husband and I only have mobiles for emergencies and £20. will normally last both of us at least 6 months.

Please accept this letter as an official complaint and a request for compensation in the order of £200 or more.

I might like to add here that I admire the tenacity of your crews efforts even though totally ineffectual to date.

Unhappily yours,

C A Buglass

Sunday 4.9.11.

Another deadline passed, text received to say you are still trying to find fault. Am baffled that one Water Board meter installation can cause more than a fortnights delay in reconnection. I am missing my phone, my broadband, connecting with friends; I feel this is a disaster. Two weeks is a long long time to be incommunicado.

Wednesday 7.9.11

At last, reconnected. A total of 7 days without phone. Not good is it!

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  1. complaint about new cable and poles on cavans wood mobile park.Cable has bein moved on my park homeandis banging on teh roof.It is alsow fixed to tow decrative plstic end s witch could snap and damge my property.And the nois on the roof is anoi ning

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