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Hello everyone, this is the web master of this blog.

This morning I heard a the debate on my local radio station Pirate FM in Cornwall. I moved to Ponsanooth in Cornwall last year and tried to get BT to fit a new line to our house. Simple yes? No way was this simple!

I’m not one for complaining but after 6 months of problems including 3 separate bills for £300 for one phone line, total lack of communication with BT customer service reps, the list goes on, I decided to set up a BT complaints blog on the web where people like me could submit there BT Complaint online.

The idea behind this is to put all BT complaints received into a report and send off for investigation from Offcom, Watchdog and such like. So far I have had almost 10,000 people visit this BT Complaints blog in 6 months with hundreds of complaints received.

Join me and together we can get some action to put right this terrible service we are receiving.

Thanks for all your complaints so far – They will all be going into the report so we can get some answers

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  1. I was told line connection would cost £125 or more. After I questioned what ‘more’ would be (£200, £300, £1000+), they simply said it would be £125 and no more.
    A minor victory in the continuing battle.


  2. It’s £129.99 subject to survey, that means that it may cost more if Openreach need to put overhead cabling to connect your phone socket to your local exchange.

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