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Latest BT complaint emailed in from a dissatisfied customer suffering from persistent extortion by BT for a period of 15 months.

Dear Sir
In September 2007 I complained to BT regarding the failure of my BT broadband line. They sent an engineer round to check my equipment and stated that a charge would be made if a fault was found. The engineer found no fault yet a charge of £100 appeared on my next bill. The fault persisted and, after warning BT that I would not continue paying for a non-existent service, I canceled all my three accounts, telephone, broadband and security and engaged another service (Talk Talk).
BT continued to demand the £100 and refused to acknowledge any of my (5) letters to their complaints department. Instead, they set a debt collection agency onto me. I took my complaint to OTELO who, in July 2008 found in my favour and ordered BT to pay me the paltry compensation of £50.

BT failed to pay within the set time of 4 weeks and it was only after my MP wrote to Tim O’Sullivan, BT’s head of UK Public & Parliamentary Affairs, that a cheque was grudgingly supplied. There was also a letter from Lawrence Vousden to reassure my MP and me that everything was now OK – BUT IT WASN’T.

OTELO’s report had also instructed BT to cancel ‘any outstanding charges’. It is important to emphasise this in view of the three separate direct debit accounts. BT continued their extortion by continuing to chase me for the Security payments.

Once again there was no response to my letters and, once again, the debt collection agency was brought in. Once again I had to go to my MP for assistance, Eventually, on 16 Feb ’09, a letter was received from Lawrence Vousden containing the blatant lie that the security account was not included in OTELO’s report. He then rubbed salt in the wound by stating that the account would be cleared as a gesture of goodwill from BT!!

At the end of it all I have a file containing 100 items. The £50 compensation ordered by OTELO barely covered the cost of postage! OTELO could not be persuaded to take further action so I started to institute court proceedings against BT using the low claims procedure on the court service website. However, I was eventually informed, after spending about £200, that I could not hope to get compensation for the approximately 100 hours spent as it was all in my spare time!

I think it is absolutely scandalous that BT can get away with such shabby treatment of a customer. I have a theory that it is a deliberate policy of BT to ignore customer complaints as, with the reluctance of OTELO and the courts to impose punitive penalties, it is a far cheaper option than employing people to sort out the complaints.

John M Hartley

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  • Dear Sir,

    I am absolutely dissatisfied and appalled at the service I have received from BT service. I moved to a new house in 2 months ago, and ordered a new BT phone line & broadband package at August 17, 2009. I was told the services will be activated in 17th September 2009, however it did not happens and I have to make at least 10 calls and wasted for almost 3 – 4 hours in the line to explain the problem to your million BT’s departments who doesn’t try to understand the problem from customer. There is completely lack of customer service as my call was often hung up in the middle of transfer, and I had to explain the same problem to every department. Most of the customer service representatives always requested for my mobile number and promised to make a call back to update the status, but it was never happened. If you are not trying to call back, why do you ask the mobile number in the first place. And there are something call database which my mobile number was given during the ordering process. Why they need to ask for it every time?

    At last, after I’ve a complaint to cancel all my order and wanted to speak of the supervisor. One of the customer service representative finally agreed to send a BT engineer on site to fix the issue. Finally I got my line activated at 30/09.

    On the next few days, I was immediately received the 1st month bill that started from 17th of September and the money was reducted from my direct debit. This is the fastest and most efficient services I have seen from BT so far when come to billing. (Even I only used the line from 30th September onward, I was be charged to pay for the date before the line was in services.)

    However, the story doesn’t end here. After been using the phone line and broadband service for 2 weeks. My phone & broadband services were completely cut off in 10th October 2009. There is no notification from BT at all and I had to personally make calls to BT for find out the problem. Again, a few hours was wasted in reporting the issues to BT customer service department and the same horrible experiences repeated every time when I spoke to them. At the end I was told that they need to cancel my existing service (without explanation) and replaced a new order for me. Again, I need to wait until 22th October to get a newline activated. I did not received any notification from BT about my new order services and the customer service representative promised she will follow it up personally to ensure the new service is able to connect on time.

    In 23rd October, The line is still not working, despite the many attempts I have made to report the fault. And I was told the line will be getting ready in 2th November. No explanation again why the service is getting delayed. Not only has your phone service upset me, but I have not received one single email or letter telling me my new phone number or account number. Therefore every time I actually manage to get through on a phone call – we have to jump through hoops in order to find my account. Perhaps I should bills you on all the phone calls that I’ve made so far to try to fixing the problem from your side. I’ve never received such poor service in my life. And this is an absolute a shame that people need to waste for 2 months for to get a phone line fixed in the one of the most developed city like LONDON?

    I’m at the point now where I would like to request a full refund for the service I have not received, a compensation of the amount of times and money wasted on the phone, and a termination of my contract if no one is contact me in the next 24 hours. I do not mind to appeal this to consumer court to protect our consumer right.

    I suggest somebody gets back to me ASAP.

    CK Chim

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