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This BT complaint was sent in regarding recent a BT leaflet that most customers have received highlighting updates to BT’s broadband services and telephone services. In small print buried deep in the leaflet highlight increase in prices for 1471 and 1571 return call options along with ringback and reminder call facilities. Any comments to this BT complaint are welcome by filling in the below comments box.

Dear Sir

BT wrote to me in July last year under the headline ‘Get FREE UK Evening & Weekend calls’. As I am already on this package, I was about to bin the letter (which is exactly what many of BT’s customers will have done and no doubt exactly what BT intended), but for some reason I decided to read on. Picking my way through the more obvious bullshit: phrases such as ‘At BT, we’re always looking for ways to give you more value’ and ‘We always want you to have more’, I happened to notice a reference to an enclosed leaflet, which ‘also details some updates we’re making to our prices, terms and conditions’.

On close inspection of the leaflet, the front page of which featured an advertisement for BT’s broadband service, and even went as far to include a brief description of the contents under the heading ‘What’s inside:’ (no mention of any ‘updates’ here!).

Buried deep within the leaflet, in tiny print, were indeed details of some updates. These consist of increases of between 33 and 50 per cent in BT’s charges for items such as the 1471 and 1571 return call option, and the ringback and reminder call facilities.

Will you please take issue with BT for this cynical and flagrant act of deception, or perhaps let me have an email address that will actually elicit a response.

Thanks and regards

Mick Norman

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