BT Complaint regarding GE Capital and a local Women’s Aid charity

Dear Sir

I work for a local Women’s Aid charity. 5 years ago BT sold us a BCM 50 telephone system which we paid £425 a quarter for through GE Capital. Our agreement is coming to an end at the end of September and an updated agreement was reached where we would spend £79 per quarter for 3 years and the equipment would become ours. BT no longer work with GE Capital due to price increases and our finance has been rejected.

BT are now saying we have no choice but to buy another phone system, both BT and GE Capital have been incredibly unhelpful with regard to how we proceed and even though I have phoned and emailed BT I have received no response from anyone in management.

I can’t speak to anyone in the complaints department and no one is answering my emails, we spend almost £10,000 per year with BT on additional services and I feel that because they are such a huge company they do not care about a small charity like ours.

Below is my email to BT after they informed us that our finance had been rejected and their response, I have since had additional responses from Joanna at BT but they are saying basically the same thing as below, GE Capital are telling me to get in touch with BT and BT are telling me to get in touch with GE Capital.

Two questions are in my mind:

1) Is it worth while proceeding with a complaint when they ignore them anyway and
2) Is it possible to buy the equipment we have paid so much money for.

This has been going on for nearly 3 weeks now and I am deeply concerned at the disruption this will cause to the service we deliver, we cannot operate a service without a phone system.

What do you think??

Kind Regards
Yvonne Boa

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  • If your agreement is not yet finished, you could investigate buying a new system on HP from anyone but BT. This would probably be cheaper than you are paying presently and you would own it in a few years.

    Once you have done this send the equipment you currently have back to BT. This is the only way out!

    If you upgrade with them, they will tie you into a contract with BT Contract Rentals which you will never get out of. We did this 10 years ago and then upgraded 5 years ago, now they tell me I have to keep paying at the same level for another five years.

    No one at either BT or BT Contract Rentals will speak to me now.

    I have written to them and told them I will cancel my DD after the next payment but don't know if I can legally do this as one of my colleagues signed us up for it in the first place.

    Alternatively You can upgrade for other equipment, computers and stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it as this is how we got into this mess in the first place.

    Good Luck

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