BT Complaint – Phone Line Setup Problem

This complaint was sent in by a businessman who just required a phoneline set up for himself and a friend and the problems they encountered from BT Customer Services along the way….

Dear Sir

I would like to make my feelings known about BT, their customer service and their complete ineptitude. Both myself and a friend have recently started new small business ventures. In doing so we decided to reduce overheads by sharing an office. As we are two separated companies we required two separated phone lines. Straight forward I as sure you will agree.

Instead of boring you with paragraph after paragraph of problems encoutered I will bullet point as below:

  • Engineers turned up on separte days for each line, not very efficient I am sure that you will agree.
  • Days later we receive parcels from BT, these contain a broadband hub and also mobile broadband USB attachments. Nobody had requested these.
  • BT were advised that these were not requested on the day they arrived. They still lie in our office and will be binned early next week should we recieve no advice from BT.
  • Compass developments received the first bill…….for both phone lines.
  • BT were advised (after speaking to a multitude of people) that one line should have been for 4d Air Products. An apology from BT was accepted.
  • Compass Developments recieved a bill in excess of £ 300.00 for the name change
  • Again an apology was verbally received when a call was made to complain about the cost of the name change, the name change was due to BT’s imcompetence in te first place.
  • A final demand was made for the moneys owed for the name change.
  • Another apology received and email confirming that a credit note would be issued.
  • Several bills received for the broadband and mobile broadband, BT advised that these were not requested.
  • More bills received for the above.

Due to the various inadequacies of BT, both Compass Developments had to call BT 0845 and 0870 numbers. Unbelievably both companies have been charged for these call.

We understand that we are on an 18 month contract with BT. Both companies will be taking legal advice and issuing proceeding against BT for both harrassment and times / costs asssociated with the problems encountered.

We were both advised not to use BT by various people. How we wish we had heeded that advice.

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  • In 2008 I was told by sky that I had to have a BT connection before I could have sky broadband, we are now in 2010 and I am still having problems with my telephone connection and broadband. I get passed from pillar to post. Neither BT or Sky want to accept responsibility for these intermittent faults – 2 years , but do not seem to have a problem when it comes to billing you.

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