BT Complaint about line installation delays

Submitted by David in November 2016

I have been trying to get a phone line installed to my house for weeks now.

I tried initially in August via Talk Talk but gave up due to appalling customer service .

They blamed Open Reach , which I am coming to the conclusion is probably a valid complant.

I switched to BT around Oct 5th and they promised me a phone/ broadband package in 2 weeks.

Come installation day Oct 19th I made a few phone calls then line went dead . Rang up ( with usual massive queues) to be told line was active with another user and I would have t o get him to ring in to release the line .

Previous occupant had left weeks before as I know him. He was a customer with Talk Talk and said he no longer had a land line with them , but rang both Talk Talk & BT to explain.

BT then cancelled my order!

Many long and frustrating calls later I was promised a new order and an expedited installation around 31st Oct.

Was then contacted to be told this was not possible and installation would be 8th Nov.

Come 8th November no phone line.

Many calls later was told that there is a problem (not told what) and I could expect an update on the 10th November. I an no nearer an answer to my complaint.

Throughout this process I am constantly referred to order management who seem incapable of managing my order. Most calls last at least 20 mins and some have just been cut off.

If there was another phone line provider , like Virgin say, I would use them like a shot but sadly all the operators in my area use BT open reach as phone line providers.

Yours in frustration

David Clarke

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