BT Complaint – Landline Restricted Phone Calls

A complaint sent in about BT phone services and the poor customer service received with incorrect bills and poor communication.

Good afternoon,

On Monday I rang up BT customers services and spoke to someone in India, she did not understand what I was trying to ask her and I didn’t understand what she was trying to advise me. I have recently had BT Take out £46 from my bank account, not knowing it was coming out I didn’t have sufficient funds to cover this, my DD was canceled and I was charged £39 for the privilege. Now, I found out this morning that my land line has now got restricted calls, when I call BT up to hear they’ve cut me off due to an unpaid bill. This is so infuriating as I’ve always had a set amount they take from me of £17 which should cover my quarterly bill as I do not make any calls hardly.

I hear that when I had the line installed I was charged £122 for this, when I rang on the day of installation because the engineer hadn’t turned up I was advised he didn’t need to call and I would not be charged for the £122 installation fee. Since that date I’ve paid the amount of £17 with no troubles having a quarterly bill already.

My first question was why are they taking so much money from my bank without informing me, they successfully had taken £46 the previous month. She couldn’t answer this. Then I asked her how do you inform your customers that you’re taking more than agreed, she didn’t know this. When O2 take money from my account, they email me 14 days previous to tell me how much the amount is, as I have paperless billing with them. I tried to go through to BT’s head office but they just put you through to the India line and I’m not going to talk to someone who isn’t understanding what I am asking or having to explain myself again and again.

I apparently owe them £79 as they’ve taken the rest out of my account, without informing me that it was higher than normal.

I would like them to speak to me and advice me of a few things, not just say they don’t know, or they don’t understand what I am saying.

Dawn Blandford

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