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I canceled the installation of a BT line on 3rd September & was told there would be no charge, then received a bill and on phoning again was told to disregard it as the line was never installed. Three weeks later my bank statement revealed they had charged me £135.99 for installation and line rental.

I have now spent approximately 15 hours on the phone trying to sort this out. I have been on hold for most of that time, been transferred between departments more times than I can keep count of, been promised calls back which never materialised 4 times and even been cut off 3 times! I have had BT confirm several times that the line was not installed, but no-one will give me back my money & I have just received a bill for the second months line rental for the line that never existed!!

Incidentally, the call centre service is so abominable that I tried e-mails and a recorded delivery letter. I have yet to receive any responses to them though.

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