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I recently did a search for ‘BT Complaints’ on the net and finally found a dedicated BT webpage to help their customers at number 1 position in Google. This is the address:

I hope their customer service improves as much as their website but I am very doubtful at this stage!

See what you think and comment on this post below if you have feedback.

  • Did it help you?
  • If it did, which information was useful?
  • If no help comment on this BT Complaints page

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  • I have been treated appallingly by BT recently, my appointment was not kept,I spent 2 hours on the phone was passed around to 14 people,was given 3 different reasons for why my phone line was not installed on the day of my appointment,was told I was not telling the truth!!!!! and was cut off twice,then the line shut down while I was waiting for an answer,I phoned again the next day and was given a date nearly 3 weeks away for an installation,when I said I would not be available that week I was told it didnt matter as she was arranging for an engineer to call me to arrange a quicker fitting date, this of course did not happen and apparently they are not permitted to phone you, so I will have been with out a service for over 1 month,I have a son with problems and need my phone(this BT were aware of)and yet they didnt switch off the line at the old address I was moving from. I have been forced to go to another supplier now who managed to get me on in 48 hours, but now I have all the hassle of sorting out BT and all due to their total lack of customer service!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i had called customer services in september to ask if my payment date could be changed by 2 days as they originally set me up with the wrong payment date, the girl said no problem, the next thing i know i get a letter thanking me for choosing bt monthly payment plan !!, this i did not ask for,when i called customer service they advised me they are unable to change the payment day and i must take the payment plan, with no choice i had to agree and i was advised the payment would come out the next month , well, the payment never came off and i happened to look at my bt bill online only to be horrified to find they have increased my paymennt to £84 a month !! almost double , i called up to get this changed as i have in writing what my payments should be, they adivsed it would be changed however i would have to make a payment for the payment missed, i have not made this payment yet as my online bill is still showing £84! i called customer service again and spoke to the `supervisor` who was very rude to me, think the fact they don`t speak very good english plays a big part, i have now emailed a complaint to bt and not heard anything!,what can i do now as this is having a bad effect on me and i have been suffering tension headaches ever since !, wish i had never signed up for bt, the customer service is shocking and i have never been treated like this from any company i have dealt with in the past,

  • where can i start from?…………ok 1st thing. It is not clear where to complain with regards to their service? I mean no correct phone number or website? I would not call it a service because it's to do with an engineers visit been canceled without prior notice.
    I have broadband speed issue (only 516kbps instead of 3 Mb's?) and also a land line fault. I first reported on 12th October 2010. Then again on 14th October 2010. The adviser took the details and done the line test. She found a fault in the line at local exchange? she mentioned that a free visit from engineers will be arranged on 22/10/2010 in pm slot to rectify the problem. I took the half day off from work to be there. I waited until 15:00pm for the engineer but no show. Rang broadband help line again to find out the visit. and he said it has been canceled, which I was not aware of or was notified. He done the check again and advised that issue will be sorted and somebody will give me ring later during the day? So far not heard anything. Don't know what to do?

  • well i opened my own buisness in september 2010 and i took out a bt phone line then in november i had someone from bt call me regarding a buisness broad band which i told him i didnt need as i already had a internet connection with orange which i was in a contract for 18 months,the guy on the phone kept going on about bt broad band and i kept telling him i didnt need it now from january 2011 i've been getting letters saying i owe £253.73 when i called them about this they said they would listen back to the tape's and get back to me,now in febuary 2011 still had no letter back from bt about this but have now started getting debt letters and phone calls from credit solutions whom are abrupt and cheeky when speaking to me on the phone which resulted on me hanging the phone up on them.I then called bt and was advised that this was the only way to launch a complaint which i find ridiculous that bt one of the biggest phone companys dont have a complaint phone line! dont know what else to do?

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