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It’s nice to know I am not alone in my sheer frustration with BT. I had been a BT customer at my house for 3 years before being moved with work to london. I cancelled my line as I was keeping the house but didnt want to pay line rental when i was not there.

I recently moved back in and asked to be re-connected. After about 6 hours waiting on hold I finally got through to a human being on 29th June 2007.

I explained I wanted my existing line re-connecting, and was told that they had no records of my line ever being connected, so i would be charged £124.99 to install a new line. This was ludicrous as I could see the BT box on my window sill and followed the wire back to the telegraph pole in the street.

After much debate, the BT woman put me on hold and came back after 20 minutes to say they had found the details on an old record. The computer didnt have the details so I would have to order a new line.

After further debate, we agreed that this was ludicrous, and the engineer would determine if the line was serviceable. If it was, and no new wiring was required, i wouldnt be charged. A date was set for connection 16th July, and the engineer would call my mobile before attending the property. I told the BT woman that this was the only day convenient as I was going on 2 weeks holiday on 18th July.

16th July – Engineer didnt phone my mobile, but came to the property puzzled as to why i wanted an “additional line” – I said I didnt, i just wanted the old one re-connecting. – “No problem” he said, and disappeared off to the exchange. I was re-connected in minutes, and I asked “will I be charged?” – “NO” the engineer said “reconnections are free”.

I went on holiday on 18th July, returning on 2nd August to find a bill from BT dated 17th July for the connection fee £124.99 + line rental. I also had a red bill dated 25th July (only 7 days after the initial bill) – I Tried to call BT and was left on hold for 2 hours, before getting put through to BT Broadband who promptly said “Wrong department” and cut me off. This happened 3 times.

I paid the bill first thing on 3rd August to avoid the threatened disconnection but also raised a dispute in writing with BT in Durham on the same day.

On 10th August I received a final demand threatening disconnection, late payment fees and even court action despite the fact I had already paid on 3rd August. I tried to call BT to tell them I had paid, but again was left on hold.

I have had numerous other issues with BT over Extra services which have taken 2 month to provide, Their website with on-line acount management is a joke, it doesnt work most of the time, has numerous errors, and is frequently just wrong.

I have still not had my disputed connection charge complaint resolved after nearly 3 months.

The final nail in the coffin is that I have now received my next bill. A £7.50 Late payment fee” has been applied despite me having told BT that I would be on holiday for 2 weeks following the original connection – Is 2 weeks really a warrant for charging a £7.50 late payment fee???? I think not.

And absolutely finally I get charged £4.50 payment processing fee because I dont pay by direct debit – This is absolutely the last straw, as I DO pay by Direct Debit.

Trying to log any sort of complaint with BT just gets an automated acknowledgement, but the complaints are never addressed, If you get any response it is clear they havent even read or understood the question.

I cannot see how BT claim “every day hundreds of people come back to BT” – They must all want their heads reading if they think BT is a communications company. They dont even communicate with themselves let alone their customers!!

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  • I received appalling service from BT Broadband. The system was installed Nov 2007 and it took from that time to May 2008 for BT to finally agree to cancel my contract. Within that time period the internet had worked a total of 2 weeks. Frustration is a mild word to use. The call centre in India leaves you tearing your hair out. Call upon call was made and i am convinced that they have a set script whatever the issue. I have now gone over to Virgin and it is a breath of fresh air.

  • I have spent nearly an hour speaking to the call centre in India. The service is nothing short of appalling, in fact it’s worse than that. I’ve been passed from pillar to post, from broadband to telephone back to broadband. Asked the same questions by each. They havent the expertise or the joined up process to track and resolve the issue. The backgound noise in the call centre is disgraceful. I’ve never ever heard such a racket on a similar call type. Not suprised they cant think straight or indeed listen – the scripts they work to are so prescriptive it means they cant listen to what they are being told. The result? The solution is to call a chargeable line, to resolve a problem at their end. Absolutely pathetic.

  • I had a similar issue with BT. When moving house they told me the property wasn't connected even though there was BT sockets and clearly a cable running from the street post to a box on the outside of the house. They wanted £125 to connect. Out of princple I cancelled my contract with BT even though I had to pay the remaining contract charge of nearly £180. I am now with Virgin Media who offer a cheaper service and their customer service is excellent.

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