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BT have communication problems to say the least looking at a lot of the complaints that have been coming in. This is the latest complaint I have received about British Telecom and their poor customer service.

Dear Sir

I am writing to tell you just a snippet of the saga I have had with BT. Most recently in fact was today when I actually got through to someone based in this country and almost died of shock. But she of course was the wrong person and started to transfer me – I literally pleaded with her not to transfer me to an Indian call centre and she said she wouldn’t – two minutes later I was talking to Bombay or whatever they are based. I am not in any way racist, I am married to a foreign national, but I just can no longer deal with the BT staff there – they are beyond useless. They never understand the problem, they usually try to answer completely different ones. If its technical they make you take everything apart and put it back together again despite you telling them you have tried this technique 50 times before, they also leave you on hold for what seems like hours. Email is just as bad because they don’t seem to be able to get your history past maybe one or two mails back.

I have had I think over 60 contacts with BT this year over a problem I had that started when their engineer set up a home hub back in April as I was having trouble with it and was very busy and unable to visit the property – my wife and I are separated, I think BT might have been a factor!. Since then the land line did not work at all. To cut a very long story short, despite me trying to get another engineer out and being stuck there all day on two Saturdays and other times they never turned up. Promised call backs never happened and I got increasingly frustrated. Eventually, about 3 or 4 weeks ago I managed to fix the fault myself, not 100% perfectly but enough to have the land lines now working.

And then yesterday I got an invoice for £50 for the call out of the engineer in April and a threat that the line would be cut off on 21st November if I did no pay.
After 40 minutes on hold just now they have agreed to credit the £50 back and have stated I will NOT be cut off – I am not holding my breath. They gave me a reference number which I am sure they will never find again as they have a history of losing track!

I have a lot of my emails to and from them in a word document which I could send you – I did not send it immediately in case you thought it was some dodgy thing and deleted it.

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  • Hi, its very interesting reading your complaint here as I am having the exact problem. Why they call themselves “British Telecom” is beyond belief now. I also have been passed around the Indian customer service office now for two weeks !! they have all asked me the same questions… I counted up 6 hours of converstaions with Indian people who clearly cannot communicate on a level to even comprehend what the problem is. I actually have worked with Indian nationals for many years now and I never experinced any communication problems, but BT seem to have employed and not fully trained there staff to deal with any customers. I found they where just happy to waffle on, as well as tell lies and pass me around. In in the end I was so frustrated I demanded to speak to a British person having wasted hours of my time just trying to sort out the speed of my broadband. They then transfered me back to the Indian office. After this I threatened to cancel if I could not speak to someone Britsh to just sort the problem. Finally the Britsh guy called my home 4 times during working hours and left messages, when I had given my mobile number, again I was going crazy trying to catch the Britsh team. After two weeks of this saga, BT agreed to send an engineer Today – guess what he never turned up ! I again called BT and yes got through to the Indian office and felt totally sick as I had to explain the whole story again – to my horror no record of the engineer booked to my address on there records. By this time I was nearly in tears. I did manage to speak to a senior manager in the Indian office who was surprisingly good and understanding. So lets see if the Engineer makes it next Saturday as arranged again today. What a nightmare I have had trying to speak to someone who could sort out a very small problem. I now hate BT and the first chance I get I will leave them, for sure….

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