BT Charges in Writing Please!!!!!

This BT complaint is so amazing and very worrying that a company like BT are run this way. Basically a BT customer wanted to have their charges for broadband detailed in writing by BT Customer Services. They would not do this. This complaint fully details the problems and the conversation had with customer service which will make many laugh…but many of us have been there and it’s not funny if you have to deal with this incompetence when trying to sort out a bill.
Dear Mr Livingston,

Please find below a copy and extension of a complaint sent to BT. No one has responded. You are my last hope. All I want is my final bill in writing. I am totally disgusted with BT:

1. Feb 2009 I moved house, my phone line was with sky, my broadband with BT, for some reason, during the move, my phone line defaulted to BT, the first I knew about this was in June when I received a bill from BT. I contacted Sky and they fixed the problem, my phone line was reverted to Sky.

2. I had overpaid on the phone line from BT and had also been charged a cancellation fee by BT. I did not have a contract with BT and therefore the cancellation fee was null and void. BT agreed and promised to send me a refund of £60.

3. Three months later, still no refund. After numerous phone calls and half my life wasted telling the same story to four different departments, I found out that BT had arbitrarily decided to transfer my refund to my broadband account. I pointed out that this was not what I had requested and what had been agreed to. The refund was eventually paid.

4. I was so fed up by this stage that I decided to move my broadband to Sky when my contract with BT was finished. I phoned BT again (another 3 hours!) and found out that I had one month’s credit on my broadband. I informed BT that I would not be renewing my broadband account and I would therefore only be paying one more month by direct debit plus the credit already on my account which would take me up to contract end date of 18th March 2010.

5. 17 Feb 2010 bill arrived from BT broadband saying I owed £62.70! This amount included “the cost of your Broadband at “22.99 a month, charged in advance from 17 Feb 2010 to 16 May 2010”. Also £4.50 for “processing payment” ( I pay by direct debit).

6. I rang BT yet again (another 3 departments and 2 hours) where I was informed that a stop would be put on the bill and I need take no further action. I asked that a note be made that I was transferring my broadband to Sky at the contract end date of 18 March 2010, and this was apparently done.

7. My direct debit of £28.00 was paid to BT on 28th Feb 2010.

8. 5 March 2010 I rang BT to request my MAC code so that my broadband could begin the process of transferring from BT to Sky. I was informed that there was an error with the system and someone would call me back that day with the MAC code. No one called.

9. Sunday 7 March 2010 9.00am – my broadband was suspended because I had not paid my bill! When I rang BT and explained the entire situation for the 900th time, I was informed that my broadband would be reinstated.

10. Sunday 7 March 2010 9pm, still no broadband!

11. 11 March 2010 – Change of broadband to Sky! Finally finished with BT?

12. No.

13. Get bill from BT – I owe £20.93, which includes “Late Payment Charge” £7.50 and “Cancellation Charge” £3.28!

14. 22 March 2010 – ring BT at 11.15am, it is now 12:49 and I am still on hold while they try to sort it out. The nice lady in Delhi has agreed to cancel the late payment charge and the cancellation charge bringing my bill down to £10 something. I ask for this new bill to be put in writing, apparently this is impossible!

BT Conversation…..
The conversation goes something like this:

Me : “Can you now put the new charge in writing?”
BT : ”No, that is not in our procedure”
Me: “Well I would like something in writing to say exactly how much I owe before I pay it”
BT: “Trust me this is how much you owe”
Me: “I have heard that before, I have paid amounts owing only to receive a bill later saying I owe a completely different amount. Throughout these last few months I wouldn’t trust BT as far as I could throw them so I want something in writing”
BT: “I understand your frustration but it is not in our procedure”
(there is some backwards and forwards on this – everyone still being polite)

Me (exasperated): “Please put me through to someone who will help me”

(I am put on hold for 20 minutes)
BT Customer Services: “I understand that (and she proceeds to tell me about the reduction in the bill)
Me: “and?”
BT Cust Serv: “and that you want something in writing”
Me: “yes that would be great”
BT Cust Serv: “I am sorry but we do not have the procedure to do that”
Me: “Find a typewriter, put some BT headed paper in, address it to me, tell me the charges. Simple!”
BT Cust Serv: “We cannot do that”
Me: “What happens if I do not pay this amount”
BT Cust Serv: “It will be sent to a debt collection agency”
Me: “You can write to a debt collection agency but you cannot write to me to tell me how much I owe, is that correct?”
BT Cust Serv: “Yes”
Me: “Can you please put me through to someone who can help me?”
BT Cust Serv: “There is no one in BT who can put in writing what your charges are”
Me: “Goodbye”.

Is it any wonder I am transferring everything to another provider and will never, ever return to BT?

Caroline Brindle-Jack

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  • I'm in the middle of a dispute with BT. Initially I had an 18 month contract for Broadband and Free evening and weekend calls. After 12 months I was informed that although the broadband ran for 18months the free evening and weekend call contact only ran for 12 – news to me – I would now need to pay extra to maintain this service. Note that the deal was for £24 per month but they took £30 out of my account every month. I could never get to the bottom of this. My contract ran out in May
    I was then told that my bill averaged £30 per month and that for the same amount I could have Broadband, Free Evening and weekend calls and BT Vision for the same amount. This would be discounted for the first three months and I was assured that my first Direct Debit due in August would be £27 and no more. Guess what – it's £35. They are just dishonest.

  • I resorted to only speaking with them via email and even after I stated that I would only speak to them by this form of communication, they still attempted to phone me. Initially I got my partner to sign up with them via the internet. I do all my bills monthly and found out that this had been arranged quarterly over the internet. I wanted to change this to monthly, this was hurdle number one, apparently impossible. I had to do a monthly payment that would be taken quarterly. which caused problem 2, allegedly when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel to leave BT after my 12 month sentence, this was not to be as they had added a few months on my contract. When queried why, I got some line about it being 18 month contract, I came back with well if you add it up it would make it 14 months. Then some other line about having changed my account (when monthly payments started). Anyhow when I did correspond via email only I had them put in writing that I had a 12 month contract and when they tried to make out I was tied in much later than the 12 months I referred to the black and white email contradicting what they were trying to say next. This message is probably wafflesome as I am so so so frustrated with BT. I phoned to cancel today and was offered a great monthly deal which would beat most but for the customer service I would receive, i'd rather pay more to speak to someone who can actually do a straight forward task of setting up a monthly direct debit without hassle. I am waiting for the hurdles of getting my MAC code and no doubt being told I am being charged a release fee for leaving early, which I will then have to dispute with their emails and my evidence..etc etc…its so so tiresome. Never ever again!

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