BT charges couple £45,000 to have broadband installed

BT and their many broadband customer services cock ups were in the news again this week. This amazing story where basically BT attempted to charge a couple who wanted a broadband connection for their home and guesthouse business £45,000 to have it installed!

Here is the story in full….

At present there are 150 people in the Cumbrian village of Dufton with BT broadband access, but the company says there is no more capacity for new users.

The couple believes that this bill is effectively the cost for hooking up the rest of the village without it. Their home is just ten yards from a telephone pole next door to other residents already with broadband.

“We just want the same crap broadband service as everybody else in the village but BT won’t even let us have that.” Mrs Walker told the Daily Mail.

BT was offered to pay up to £8,000 towards the cost of the work, but the balance of £45,000 would be passed to another company, which in turn said it would pass it on to the Walkers.

BT was also in the news yesterday for saying that its Whole Broadband Connect (WBC) high-speed broadband service is now available to more than half the country. WBC offer speeds of up to 24Mbit/s

Sian Baldwin, broadband director at BT Wholesale, said: “Already more than 550,000 end users are enjoying our ADSL2+ copper service, with more than 20,000 to 30,000 end user customers being added each week.”

Baldwin added that faster broadband speeds are an essential tool to help businesses cope with the tough economic conditions and competitive environment. The Walkers in Cumbria are concerned that if they are unable to get basic broadband to their home and guesthouse business, they will lose custom.

BT has also called on its rivals to open up their network infrastructure to boost broadband coverage and competition in the sector, after it was told off by Ofcom. The Conservative Party has also made no secret of the fact that, once in power, it would open BT’s underground network of ducts to rivals.

BT’s rivals such as Talk Talk and Virgin Media were quick to say that BT has not been particularly welcoming to others accessing its ducts in the past.

According to the Financial Times, BT has agreed open its networks for a nominal fee, to avoid unnecessarily digging up pavements while rival broadband providers install their own super-fast networks.

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  • The exchange is full, this isn't changed by them being able to see a phone line outside their house! Having broadband isn't a human right: it isn't water or gas. If you want to force BT to add you to their service then you will have to pay for it. They could wait a few years by which time the situation may have changed, so they should really just be patient and use dial-up for the meantime.

  • Anonymous – fuck off. BT are a fucking shambles of an organisation and their service is a disgrace. They need to wake up and smell the coffee and start playing fair. In difficult markets, bears make money and bulls make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

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