BT cause major broadband fault in village

BT are the worst customer service broadband provider ever! I live in a small village called Gilfach Goch. BT has managed to decimate everyone’s Broadband service here with a area wide fault. They have killed off most people’s connections completely and the few of us left have less than half speed.

This all started over a month ago now I have had it confirmed from the CEO of BT Ian Livingston that they are aware of the fault but they are not willing to fix it. I have had rude responses from Mr Livingston when I asked about the date for fixing the lines and if I could cancel my service.

BT have also refused to actually confirm this as a fault even as they have just signed a multi Million Pound Tax payers funded deal with the Welsh assembly (i.e your money) knowing full well what they have done in this area and they are trying to keep it quiet as they can not support the ordinary customers infrastructure why should BT get a load of tax payers money for nothing.

They are also now trying to avoid two welsh assembly members who are getting nowhere with BT as well so this company’s contempt and arrogance towards it’s customers is plain for all to see I would advise anyone against signing up to BT Broadband as they are just a rogue company.

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