BT can’t read their own diagnostics

This is taken from the website with a complaint about BT staff.

Some of you may recall that in the “digital divide” thread I mentioned that as part of BT’s “local improvements” they had installed a new underground box at the base of the pole, leaving the 40-odd year old cable and the half-mile cable above ground totally untouched.

Barely a week after BT’s “improvements” my business line developed a really bad crackle, so I phoned 151. I told the woman dealing with the call that the fault would inevitably be the really old cable, or the overhead cable, because we have to call BT out at least twice a year to fix faults on it. She ran a line test, and she told me that my line was 4km long (it isn’t, it’s just that part of it is aluminium), and that tests revealed that the fault was very close to the exchange, so it wasn’t the cable.

The next morning a BT man turns up. It didn’t take him long to find the fault – the joint where BT’s old underground cable joins the overhead cable, only 500 meters from my house.

So, not only will BT not invest in replacing their worn-out plant, their personnel can’t read the diagnostic equipment they have invested in !

What a pity that there is no competition around here for phone lines – I’d really love to take my business away from this clueless, profit driven outfit !

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  • Where can one start ???
    In short I have to say my news agent is much better managed than British Telecom. They actualy are a disgrace! They have so many different departments and so many different sections and phone numbers that one gives up. This one blames that one and they all blame each other. Customer service is non existant. It is no surprise when the recorded message repeatedly say we are particuarly busy today, thats because they particularly provide a rubbish service. It has taken me over a month and after 3 engineer visits and I am nowhere closer to resolving the problem than where I was a month ago when I first reported my problems with my BT vision. We can not wait for the day that our contract expires with BT and I have already bought a bottle of champagne and I will never ever go anywhere near British so called telecom!!!!

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