BT cancelled phoneline without consent

Complaint here about BT canceling a customers phoneline when the customer did not request it and clearly show their frustration.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my most sincere anger and disappointment for the service I have received from BT. Throughout the last three years with BT unfortunately I cannot share one story with you which portrays a good level of service.

This stems back to 2008 when I took out my first contract with you. After the 12 months I moved property so called and wrote a letter confirming the termination of this line. Six months later I receive debt collection letters claiming you ‘never received’ a phone call or my written confirmation of the termination.

So after I spend hours of my life on the phone with different people, different departments and even different companies I assume it is sorted? No one called, wrote etc I had to physically call to get the confirmation that the case is closed. I hope you can agree with me that this is a pretty major problem with your customer service and you personally would be irate if you had to experience that? No? Well how about stage two of my ongoing BT saga.

I am about to move to a new address and it is a New Build. One month before I move I ‘research’ the procedure involved with setting up a new phone line to avoid any delays when I move I wanted to be prompt and get everything moved over to my new address as quickly as possible as both my partner and myself rely quite heavily on internet for our jobs. This ‘research phone call’- that I urge you to find now so that you can indeed use it for ‘training purposes’ , this will confirm I was only asking about moving and at NO POINT did I say to cancel my phone line. I was going to transfer my existing line with BT over to my new address.

Unfortunately you decided you would just cancel my phone line. This had no relevance to the conversation I had as I didn’t even want to cancel my phone line. You will be unaware of the problems you then caused by doing this! I find out from my broadband company that you cancelled my line two days later- I call and you say you are very sorry and you will immediately get this cancellation stopped/reversed. I am annoyed but you are getting it reversed. No! I then find out when I speak to my broadband company that it is definitely no longer active. I call you again, and you confirm it is too late to do anything about now- please bear in mind that BT made this mistake, not myself and I am still forced to call you to what seems like argue this out!

I received no apology for the mistake by BT where you cancelled a phone line for no reason what so ever. No apology for then providing false information when you claimed the error was fixed when it wasn’t.

No apology for the next hour I then had to endure where it seemed several robots in different departments could only tell me “your line has been cancelled” during this phone call I get transferred to around 4 departments each time with no explanation from the department before so I find myself explaining the story to 4 different people. I do not get anywhere and I have to settle for the fact that you obviously get enjoyment out of being unhelpful and I just have to re-order a new line for my new address.

So just to summarise where we are at this point it has been around 3 weeks since YOU cancelled my phone line for no reason what so ever, I have spent hours on the phone to yourself and my broadband supplier who is now threatening to charge me for the 3 months left of my now cancelled broadband contract.

We call up to arrange for the new line to be installed at our new address we are told the delightful news that we have to pay £124 pounds for the engineer to come to our property and I think it is about time I share the story of my BT woes with a member of your customer service as I think I am entitled to at least an apology. I can honestly say I have never been spoken to so rudely by a customer service representative and then the girl hung up on me.

So we have a cancelled phone line, my broadband supplier threatens to charge me, I spend hours on the phone to you, and hours on the phone to my broadband supplier and I still come back for more pain to order my new line, and then I get hung up on!

It is the 9th February 2010 an engineer finally visits my flat I was given a morning window to wait for him. At 10am I couldn’t wait any longer as I had a meeting at work so I left a good friend to let the engineer in. He comes in and fixes a socket in the hallway- this socket has nothing connected and if he had looked ahead he would have seen a second socket that has broadband and sky plus connected to it.

My broadband went live yesterday and after doing tests it is very clear that the socket in the lounge is not working. I call BT and you confirm you are ‘only responsible’ for our main socket. I’m sorry this is ludicrous. I paid £124 for an engineer to spend 5 mins at my flat and only look at one socket. It is clear that you make a hell of a lot of money from this procedure.

To keep your client’s happy maybe it would be an idea to check where the equipment is plugged and work on that socket not one that is obviously not being used. Even your faults team in Cardiff confirmed you get these calls all of the time! I am shocked beyond belief that this was admitted as you are obviously extremely aware that you are charging people £124 per visit and with all the evidence I have it seems you are deliberately checking one socket on a visit. The fee you charge should cover all aspects of the phone line.

People pay for BT so that their house is fully active for phones, broadband, TV etc. Not just one line. I am so angry that I have now hit another barrier with you. You are claiming I must pay a further £124 for another visit so an engineer can spend 5 mins making another socket work. I can stress this enough but how is this acceptable?!

I would appreciate a response to each of my complaints with you as you are aware now there are many. I would also like to spend one day of my life where BT doesn’t enter my brain and cause extreme anger. Please confirm what you can do for me to put my mind at rest that you can on some occasions offer a fair, helpful and kind service.

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  • I work for a letting agency when I started looking after there IT department they had a change of name and requested BT to change the billing name so for some inexplicable reason they cut off the phones and took two days to reconnect then while I was away they were talked in to changing to VOIP they were not told they would need a second broadband line for them to work needless to say they didn’t work after a month I finally arranged to have the phone lines reinstalled after BT changing the installation date several times it was finally installed I raised a complaint and it took six weeks to receive a call from the complaints department and after an hour on the phone I mistakenly thought it was sorted out within half an hour of the call our phones wear disconnected when I called I was told our lines were now sparer and so was our number after several stressful calls I managed to get our number saved it took a further week to get the lines reconnected and working that was last week on Friday on a very rear day off I received a call from the office informing me that all the lines were dead I rang BT at three thirty and was told they would call me back they did not after several more calls I finally managed to speak to someone at eight o’clock and was told that our lines had been made spare agene and that BT local business close at five and don’t work weekends and nothing could be done till Monday by which time our well established phone number could be reallocated which would cause major disruption to the business and potentially close us down my advice to any one IS DONT USE BT IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN BUSSNESS

  • We too have had horrendous problems with BT over the last 4 years. Almost exact same problems as the lady/gent in the above complaint dated the 19.2.10. I am so sick and tired of having to keep calling and repeating myself. My rest days are precious and do not intend to spend those days talking to ignorant people.

    I have stopped my direct debits recently and 3 times i have had to call to cancel my order as they did'nt listen the first time. I shall not and will not be paying them any money, except anything i owe previous to cancel my order and contract.

    We have just moved to an older property and was told 3 times there WAS a line to property, when we were told we would have to wait nearly 3 weeks to get connected, i called yet again to ask why it would take that long, they said because there was no line to property…. !! i was furious with bt told them to cancel the order and to also cancel the contract. But obviously they did'nt understand because i kept getting reminders on my phone saying the engineer will be with us on the 26th. 3 times i called them to say the order had been cancelled..

    We had the internet with them, and approx 3 years ago, i was receiving e.mails meant for another lady with the same name as me. the only difference was i was and she was btopenworld… 6 months my husband tried to sort this with bt, they would'nt except it had anything to do with same names, but after 6 months they did and sent a Hamper, Flowers, discount! however i would'nt use that e.mail address and created a new one. Out of interest 6 months ago i thought i would check my old e.mail account, and YES you probably guessed it, over 900 e.mails meant for the other lady with the same name as me… SO BT still NEVER sorted the problem.

    So BT you will not receive another penny from me infact you owe me money for all the time and calls i have had to make to you, and also all the calls i have had to make on my mobile costing me a fortune because i don't have a BT line, and also the suffering we have had to endure in not having the internet.

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