BT Call Minder Problems

This complaint was sent in regarding BT Call Minder system not working and finding BT customer service no help in fixing the problems. 

Dear Sir

What’s very frustrating with BT, is it seems that there is no level of complaints system. I’m not one to get nasty on the phoneline, I like to think im paying for a service, it should be given.

Since starting with BT, its been nothing but a very frustrating time. In general everything once working has been working. But the telephone calls ive made to customer services in some cases could have been avoided with a little more attention to detail.

My main concern now is over the fact that my BT call Minder system does not work. I cannot seem to find anyone who is willing to just tell me its NEVER going to work so dont waste your time calling us.

Over the last 2 months I must have spoken to every call operator possible, even supervisors that say they will deal with the problem personally, yet whilst they come back to me telling me all will be fixed and working they have not called me once the work has been completed – and its still not working.

At one time I was left 30 messages, by friends and family and informed I needed to clear my messages. As I keep explaining to the operators I cannot access the system, it seems pointless telling me this.

The whole process is very frustrating. I speak to someone who assures me 100% they will sort out the problem. I put the phone down and then wait for their call back. On some occasions ive been given a call back, yet it stops after one or two attempts and I here nothing again.

Then the process starts again, I speak to someone else and they give me even more assurance the system will be working, i feel comfort in this operators confidence, they explain that this should never have happened and that they know what the problem is. I put the phone down and 7/14 days later nothing has changed.

Ive even asked BT to recommend an answering machine because clearly BT call minder is not working, but they have not got back to me regarding this.

I feel powerless to do anything, I feel trapped in a contract I cannot get out of. If I cancel my direct debit they will cancel the phoneline and broabband and I need that for communications and my business. So Im trapped with nowhere to go, left at the mercey and frustrations of BT’s customer service.

All I want is to talk to someone, someone who will either fix the problem and if the problem cannot be fixed then come and tell me.

Ive just spent alot of money getting this new technology put inside my house, yet it seems resorting to an old fashioned ansafone is the simple answer.

Yours faithfully

Keith Hepburn

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  • I do not have access to another phone, my phone is telling me that the handset has no link to the base.l cannot find any problem with the base. Help please.

    • I have the same problem with the link to the base unit which appears to be OK, unless there was a sudden, internal fault. Is there a fix for this? Do BT supply new base units?

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