BT Call Centre of Death

Today I received an interesting email which I would like to share with everyone regarding BT Complaints:

“I recently visited your very impressive BT complaint website. I thought I would offer you the option of sharing a little gem that I recently came across in the fight against BT and their ‘Call Centre of Death’.

Without going in to massive detail I was the victim of a spectacular and sadly all too common BT cock up. The resultant billing error was so ridiculous that I was barely able to comprehend the stupidity required to make this error in the first instance, let alone comprehend a solution.

It was then that my brainwave struck me…Instead of even picking up the phone I decided to write; not to complain about stupidity but instead to approach the problem from a more interesting angle…Fraud!

I was obviously aware that the origins of my billing error were not related to fraud or criminal activity; naturally it came down to the hopeless attitude that a BT Goblin in the ‘Call Centre of Death’ had demonstrated to me months earlier. However, it was precisely the inefficiency as displayed by the ‘Call Centre of Death’ that made me try my alternative solution.

I sent a letter by recorded mail that simply stated that my account had been fraudulently accessed and my BT account had been amended possibly for a criminal purpose. I further stated that this ‘criminal’ activity had resulted in the compromise of my personal data and that I wanted a full investigation in to the matter. As an add on, I mentioned that my quarterly bill was also incorrect and I trusted once a full investigation in to the suspected fraud was done my bill would be amended accordingly.

The results were interesting, I received a call three days later from a lady stating she was in the presidents office at BT. She informed me that I could sleep easy, it was not fraud, but in fact had been employee error that had caused the problem. (No Sh*t!) She refunded my bill and gave me three months free line rental, also saying that my future bills would reflect my ‘line rental only’ option.

I was delighted by this until last week, when I received a promotional letter that effectively stated my account was still set up on the incorrect price plan …. Another letter complaining of suspected fraud (attached) has now been issued and I await the response with baited breath.

The moral of the story as far as I can see is that if everyone with a billing error wrote and made a complaint of fraud / illegal activity BT have a much greater obligation to investigate and get it right. In my case this has been far more efficient that having to queue on the phone for over two hours to then be frustrated by further call centre incompetence.

I have a small but dedicated Facebook group imaginatively entitled ‘BT Are Rubbish’ where I bitch about these things as they occur. Feel free to look us up / join or use any material you find on there!

Best regards
Richard Burnell

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