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Dear, I initially made a complaint in December 2009 about being refused to withdraw from a BT business support scheme which involved setting up a web site for my business ( Commercial Energy Performance Surveys ni 0r CEPSni for short).

Your response to the above incident reference was that I should provide further details to assist you dealing with the complaint. This was done towards the end of January 2010 after I returned from holiday. Unfortunately I deleted all the information relating to this follow up email to your complaints section, using proforma provided on line.

Around 6 to 8 weeks ago a female purporting to be ringing from your complaints department spoke to me on the phone. She acknowledged that I had attempted to withdraw from the package within the time limit set by BT and said that BT would promptly refund me all the money paid (just under £300) to date. I had never used the web site set up or indeed received any calls over the 2-3 months since taking out the package as a result of a cold call to my business phone.

However to date I find that there is still no sign of any money being refunded to my CEPSni business account with Santander (previously Abbey).

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  • Two seriuos issues with bt in 18 months one sending me online bill in my name but different address which was just around the corner next issue charging me for vision which I have never ordered ever now for the third issue I was having serious probs getting to my emails rang bt up 3/4 times each time(india)disputed the email addresses I gave them (mine) and told me another email address and also the password strongly arguing with me that this was mine so I downloaded it (still not being able to get mine)I got the users name/address people/companies confirming his orders even hot pads from Germany asking if he got satisfaction from them lol know what I mean(I ama 63 yr old woman ! Lots of legal correspondence that was sent to me and confirmed it was sent I never received where has it all gone? has this other email address got it ? just told bt off they said if you cancel now you will have to pay £84 charge I said oh right okay can I send a £1 a week they got very nasty lol if you are thinking of having bt beware.

  • I had a phone call last week from a customer service rep telling me that if I was to go on friends and family deal, my line rental would be reduced by £2.00 a month..I agreed to this only to find out that he was tell ing my lies..I phoned BT and they told me that the customer service rep is on commision and they are sorry. BT are a joke…never trust a BT rep on the phone they are cowboys…

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