BT Business Customer Complaint

I am writing to inform you of my appalling experience as a BT Business Customer, in the hope that you will be able to help ensure that other customers are not subjected to the same treatment. I have had problems with your company from the moment I took a contract with BT Business, which I shall outline below:

The Double Billing Nightmare

Firstly, the almighty cock-up with my billing start as soon I switched from residential to a business line. BT Residential continued to bill me for 9 months into my business contract.

I spent hours and hours of my valuable time being passed from department to department trying to be refunded the oversight. No-one from either side would help, each blaming each other and telling me that each was a separate business and the details were not on each other’s system. It was a classic ‘computer says no’ situation. Could they not have liaised with each other to resolve the issue that one of the BT departments/companies had clearly made? Is it the customer’s responsibility to clear up BT’s mess? I think not.

The only way I managed to resolve the situation was to stop my direct debits and wait until I was threatened with curtailment of my services. I was even sent a letter from BT Business threatening to take me to small claims court for an outstanding amount. A laughable situation, given at the time BT Retail owed me over £300 more than I owed BT Business. As the bills all say BT Plc at the bottom…. would have made for a comical day in court.

Broadband Faults, Incompetence and Blatant Lies

Over the last 2 years, I have consistently complained about the slow speed of my broadband, which is essential to my business as most of my leads come via the internet.

However, this year has been particularly dreadful.

In January, I was without broadband for 10 days. The operator who initially took my called agreed there was a problem, but could not book an engineer for 10 days. The day before the engineer was due, BT called and decided it was a problem with my router and sent me a new one.

I installed it, and the internet worked again, but very slowly.

Last Thursday (10th March), broadband completely went again. I called up faults, and the very helpful gentleman said that he believed that something was wrong with the line as connectivity kept dropping. He said he would get someone to call me first thing in the morning.

On Friday I happened to miss the call (before 9am), but no contact details were left with the message.

By 12 o’clock the person had not attempted to call back, so I put a call in again. I spoke to a lady who advised that she would test the line and call me back (as I did not wish to waste more time on hold and wanted to get on with my work).

How long does it take to test a line? 30 mins? One Hour? Surely I cannot take until 5pm, when the operator said she was doing it just after twelve and would call back. I then went out to a friends house to hook up my laptop to her internet (kindly provided by Orange).

At 5pm, I tried to call again, but soon became tired with waiting on hold. I then decided that FACEBOOK was my only option to get any kind of response from BT, and posted my complaint on your wall.

It is a sad reflection on your company when a customer has to write their experience on a public forum to get any kind of response, but I have to say once it was out in the public domain, the BT Facebook team got on the case.

A lady called and advised that she tested my line and that it must be my PC or user error. This compete nonsense as I was able to get my laptop working immediately (all by myself) at my friend’s house without any problems. Plus it was not just my PC – my son was unable to connect his XBOX to the internet on my line.

In the end she advised that someone would call Monday to arrange the engineer.

I also asked what compensation that I would be given and she said that BT do not offer compensation. Seriously? Would you go out for dinner, not be served anything to eat and still expect to pay?? Yet this is what BT are expecting me to do – pay for a service (broadband) that I am not even getting. She even had the cheek to let me know that in this instance (as a goodwill gesture) she would waive the engineer charges!!

No broadband all weekend!

Around 8.14am this morning (Monday 14th) I was pleased to receive a call from a lady at BT to book for an engineer to visit this afternoon between 1-5pm.

I then received another ‘courtesy’ call at 9.27am from a gentleman to advise me that my line was working. I corrected him that it was not and that an engineer had been booked in for the afternoon (this was news to him). Do your people ever talk to each other???

At 14.02 I received a call from a very helpful lady called Christine who advised that she would now be my single point of contact. She advised that the engineering team did not have me booked in and she was chasing to ensure they’d be coming as promised. I needed to do a quick errand and asked her if I had time. She advised yes as it was not even on the engineer’s schedule at that time. I then diverted my landline to my mobile and tested it to ensure that it worked correctly.

At 15.27pm Christine called again with unfortunate news that the engineer had called as soon as I’d gone out and missed me. However, I had decided not to go out. I had gone next door. My neighbour and I were aware that someone may call and my door bell is so loud that one can hear it very clearly from her property. In addition we were both sitting the room facing our shared external door, keeping an eye out. Neither of us saw anyone, or heard the bell.

The engineer advised Christine they had been and no-one had answered and that they’d knocked on a brown door. Quite frankly, that is complete and utter B***S***. No-one turned up. No-one called to leave a message. No-one left a note. The last call on my landline was at 14.02pm from Christine. There are 8 properties nearby that all have the same type of door. An engineer may well have visited the wrong property, but he or she did not make any attempt to contact me.

I am still without broadband. I have had another engineer appointment booked for tomorrow morning – another day wasted.

All the above is a complete joke and all at my expense. I have not been able to work this afternoon, and now I will waste another day tomorrow waiting. I estimate the whole debacle will cost me over £1,500 in lost time. When I see client, I normally charge between £200-395 per hour. How many £300 x hrs have I already wasted with BT? I loathe to think of the potential business I am losing right now by being a “customer” with you.

Getting through to BT

About two weeks ago I needed to get in contact with BT Billing regarding a billing enquiry… after being passed from various departments, I eventually got through to the correct department after spending over 1hr 20mins on hold. I have a note of this on my skype account as the person I was speaking to someone in the US about this whilst waiting – and they were amazed too!!


Do your large corporate customers experience the same pain with BT? I doubt the likes of Marks and Spencers or John Lewis would put up with their broadband being out of action for an hour, let alone 10 days! Can you explain to me what I am actually paying for with a business line? It worked better when I was with Residential. Complete rip off and worse than I would expect from a third world country.

As a customer, I have never, ever been treated so disgustingly by a company before.

This letter is wasting my time, but if I don’t get it out on paper it’s going to wind me up even more. How many more of your customers is your (dis)organisation going to infuriate, or worse, affect their businesses?

I would be interested to see what your thoughts are on the matter, and what you are going to do to get my issues resolved.

Best regards

Katie Glen

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  1. bt is horrendous I have a bt one plan plus business account they have still not got it right call divert is free yet i am still being billed for it to the tune of £800.00 despite numerous phone calls costing me time and money being reassured it will be corrected yet to no avail this has been ongoing for over 1 year . it does not help being transfered to call centers out of this country who read off a crib sheet and when questioned cannot answer because it does not match their format,

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