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A BT business broadband service complaint sent in today. Anyone else had similar problems with BT business broadband please comment below.

Dear Sir,

I write to express my deep frustration and disappointment with BT business broadband service.

I decided to go to BT last August after three years with AOL. The service with AOL was patchy and since this was a business line I was let down by them several times.

The transfer from AOL took place last August and was supplied with a BT Modem Router (BT2700) and an installation disk. The disk would not work on Windows Vista, so I had to borrow a laptop with windows XP in order to install the router.

A month later, I experienced regular drop in the broadband connection, and could not pick up the wireless connection 5 meters away. The router was then replaced.

In December, I experienced daily intermittent problems with the broadband connection. Called BT broadband customer service and they could not explain the reason for this, but they sent me another router. I tried the new router with the same problems.

I kept contacting BT on 4th January 2010, and eventually they agreed to send an engineer on Friday 15 who confirmed there is a fault in the line, and BT need to send contractors to dig up the road to rectify fault. So far I contacted BT three times and every time they pass me onto to the fault team, and either they don’t answer and if they do, they tell me contractors will be coming today but no one shows up.

This is a total shambles and totally unsatisfactory bearing in mind this is a business line.


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  • Classic problem of BT Wholesale / BT Retail being very (and legally, they have to be) separate. So the people you are calling at BT have about as much influence over the engineers as you do. Logically it makes no sense moving from AOL to BT Broadband due to poor service as they both rent the same lines, with these same engineers!

    As for the wireless, if more than one router has a poor signal at 5 metres then I would suggest it is the environment – interference etc – rather than anything else. And obviously this has nothing to do with cabling under a road. I have no idea why they sent you yet another router for this…

    If it is an important business critical line, I'd go for a managed IP Clear type service, a leased line or similar. Relying on a £30 a month basic internet line with free bundled router will inevitably lead to dissapointment.

  • Have had endless problems myself with BT Broadband (personal not business) and have had a dropped connection for two weeks now in successive months, they have mentioned about having a look at the exchange and even after they have 'apparently' fixed the issue we are still have problems, an engineer will apparently have a look on Monday to see if there are any problems but they did the same thing before Xmas and the problems continue.

    I also rang the cancellation line (contract expires in July) but was cut off just before 9pm a few days ago and had to wait another 24 hours to complain and even then they need the technicians to put a note on the system before we can have compensation for the loss of broadband on certain days etc.

    Total joke and if the issue isn't resolved this week then we will opt out the contract early on the grounds that BT are unable to provide us with a service we are paying for.

  • Hi,

    We have had an ongoing problem with BT Total Business Broadband. We lose "connectivity" to Web sites around 5 times a day, even when email still works, due to what appears to be the DNS not resolving before the browser times out the connection.

    We have had engineers check the line quality, broadband and internet connectivity and they say nothing is wrong. We have had the connection checked at the exchange to no effect. We have had a replacement Hub and still have the problem.

    The job ticket was 'closed' after the new hub was sent, so I have had to get them to open a new event to follow through to resolution. Don't know what they will try next!

    Trouble is, there are few alternatives in the area and we are too small a business to pay £6k+ for a Leased line or similar!

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