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Dear, I pay £25 per month plus VAT for BT Business Broadband. For over 12 months now I have been experiencing severe difficulties – the line often disconnects or is unavailable and when it is available the speed is unbearably slow. This is seriously impacting my business and my health!

Myself and my husband have attempted to resolve this matter with BT on several occasions; they log the call and say they will call back – the often don’t. When they have done something they tested the line and sent us a new router – it didn’t fix the problem. They have had me on the phone for hours unscrewing the socket they installed and having me run diagnostics – this has to be repeated every time! Eventually they acknowledged there is a disruption on the line and told me they have sent an engineer to the exchange a few times now which should have fixed it – it hasn’t.

It is like they don’t believe I have a problem or that it’s not their responsibility! They even tried to tell me that because I didn’t take my phone line rental from them that I should try calling my line provider (which is ultimately BT anyway!) but I don’t have any problems with the phone – it’s the broadband. Finally exhausted with holding, getting treated like a monkey with a spanner over the phone, wasting hours and hours of my valuable time I asked for an engineer to come out and to sort it once and for all – There was a massive reluctance to this and they told me that if the fault was with the socket (which BT installed) then I would be charged!

Even though I accepted that (unfair as it is I just need broadband) an engineer has still to arrive! Hundreds of pounds later, days of work lost, days of time wasted trying to resolve the matter and stress levels through the roof – the problems remains. Can BT treat us like this?! Ideally I want my money back, compensation for time lost and stress caused, the problem fixed and then to move to another provider and never have to deal with BT again – I would for now settle for a half decent broadband service!

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  • If your phone line provider isn't BT and the problem is on the phone line (broadband runs over the phone line remember) then you will need to pester them to resolve the problem. They probably won't be too interested though, because as far as they are concerned their phone line works fine for telephony…

  • Had BT broadband for a few years, was okish..suddenly i was not able to upload websites/videos as it would just shut down…first phone call to India, no help, second, same, although they said they would set up a profile, 3rd call said it was cos i was only on Option 1 (which has been ok for years), 4th LONG phone call to India, another excuse…gave up after 5 weeks and packed them in..BT, it's called a contract..I pay my bill, you provide the service, otherwise, contract void..simples!!

  • My BT broardband is so slow that i will change provider in next 48 hours if not put right. I have phoned your help desk in some far off place who was less than helpfull. Thank you but no thanks!

  • For the last 2 weeks we have been without broadband and every now and again without a phone line too. Every time I have rung in I have been told the problem is external to our house so an engineer will fix this. They assure me an engineer will be out and it will be fixed by a certain date. They also assure me that they will ring back to check that the line has been fixed. Do they ever!! No. So then I'm back on the phone (I work from home and am reliant on broadband for my work so all the time I'm losing money hand over fist)and they just repeat the same old things. Today the broadband came back on so I rang the 'broadband compensation number' I had been given by a previous customer service person (Kishor to be precise). I'd started making a note of names and times at this point! Typically it just took me back into the usual phone system so I pressed the number for the billing dept. To cut a long story short, I kept being put on hold while they 'checked the details' and then I'd end up 10 minutes later speaking to someone who obviously thought I'd just called in so I'd end up repeating the info all over again. Finally, I asked to be put through to a manager. He has given sent my details through to the billing dept (god knows which dept I was in at the time) and given me a ref no to approach them with if the compensation (probably £10, although has cost me huge amounts in lost revenue, phone calls and general rrrrr irritation) doesn't show up on the bill. He says he's 99% certain the compensation will be there. Somehow I'm not so sure……I just think its appalling that large companies like this are allowed to be so incompetent and treat the customer so poorly yet remain in business. This may be the first time I've left a complaint but it's certainly not the first time I've had issues with BT. I'm just heading off to look at the Sky offer now..

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