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Dear BT, until recently, I had BT home broadband but because service was so bad, I was told if I swopped to BT Business Broadband any problems I previously had would be eradicated. This is not the case, I am still unable to send emails to certain email addresses.

However my main complaint is I have swopped to BT Business Broadband, having been told my bills would reduce considerably, only to find I am now paying twice the price for broadband, calls etc. And I have no idea where I am on any of these issues.

My main complaint is I was never emailed, despite asking, exactly what the best package would be for me, and how much it would cost and what I would get for the money.

My bills are now increasing, rather than decreasing and I am very unhappy to say the least.

I would like this investigated soonest please.

Another complaint I have is I work out on site alot, being involved in property management and you do not have a no. That I can ring from from my mobile that does not cost me an absolute fortune. 0845 or 0800 nos. From mobiles cost so much and invariably i am on the phone in excess of an hour each time I ring to try and sort this mess out.

I have no directory entry, I have an 0845 no. Which is piggybacked off my main no. – how do I deal with the question of directory entry please?

BT is just so big it is impossible to deal with one person and understand exactly what is occurring.

I have also had problems with my BT Business Broadband bills, I need to show my co. Name to be able to reclaim VAT.

Thank you

Jill profit

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  • Business line 02380 710 888
    My Name: Abidali Mohamed
    Business address: 130 -131, High Street, Southampton, SO14 2BR
    Contact number 07595376374 or email

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have ordered this stupid broadband connection from this company called BT, who gave me so many problems. I'm totally not happy with either the connection or the service provided by the company. Every time I want to speak to someone at BT, I need to spare a day to speak to someone, and still not the issue is resolved, I'm totally fed up and I'm frustrated with the service,. The team doesn't have proper communication within themselves and they keep transferring me to different people and they wont do the job properly, and I wasted my whole day to try and resolve the situation and still not got to a point where I can say that the issue is resolved, today I spoke to some people, and there is one lady who has got so much attitude and she was shouting at me, I'm totally pissed off with the service. I have ordered this stupid broadband connection and this has never worked, this broadband has got two VOIP lines and every time the broadband doesn't work, the VOIP lines lose their configuration and those two lines don’t work either, Im using one of the VOIP line as a standby line where I can take calls when the main line is busy, and this doesn't work most of the time. And the other VOIP line I'm using as fax line which doesn't work either when it loses the configuration, so every time I have to reconfigure the whole system to get these work, well we are business and we don’t have time to get these issues arising every week, we don’t have time for this. And because of your service and the connection quality, you are bringing our company into disrepute. I'm fed up with BT, and when I speak to a lady on the customer service , she is telling me that I don’t have any problem with my broadband and she will not cancel the service, how can you decide that my broadband is working fine, I'm totally not happy with the connection or with the service.

    I want the service to be cancelled straight away, without a second question asked to me.

    Please confirm me with this, and I don’t want to pay any cancellation fees nor anything. I’m disgusted with the service.
    Abidali Mohamed

  • I have found that the new BT Broadband routers automatically make themselves available for connection for the BTFON and BTOPENZONE services. Apparently we have a choice if we want to opt out of these services being broadcasted, having opted out and confirmed that the Online status showed as "Opted Out", I found the services were being provided regardless. I can also confirm that it was my router providing this as after switching it off, the services were no longer available on wireless services.
    Also as many have reported these services are causing the network drops and disconnects. Talk about taking liberties and also blatantly conning their own customers. Are there no more customer loyalty and ethics left with these type of companies.

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