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Here is a complaint sent in regarding poor customer service seemingly driven by the BT Indian Technical Call Centre.

Dear Sir

Having read your complaints website – oh they are so true and sadly as lengthy as some state but thanks to Ian Livingstone for at least changing the complaints process a little and certainly his staff were exceptionally helpful over a long standing complaint a couple of years ago.

However below is a report on a current issue which is seemingly driven by the Indian Technical Call Centre. I never asked for any change indeed, it would be good if someone was perfecting the start-up broadband service rather than reducing your facilities without reduced package payments and prior discussion. Without improved broadband start-up there can never be a change of use from my landline as that is instant in a difficult transmission area.

Moreover it is unacceptable to suddenly delete one of my paid for package of services without prior discussion and an offered reduction in monthly payment.
What is more their ‘I am ringing you’ type messages left on my answerphone
and through SMS are just ‘cold calls’ without any customer service and obviously
done only to prove that they have responded, yet there is no resolution and a
large amount of repeated automatic messages too. See below.

The details are;
Re: Your BT Broadband Talk account is now closed [Incident: 090929-012046]
Yet again, hateful ineffectual and incompetent automatic messages! No reasonably reply even in the equally ineffective messages left. So to repeat;

No I did not request personal assistance at all! I simply got a message saying part of my package was being deleted for no reason which any recompense. Then I simply received lots of intrusive and inappropriate messages and an SMS from your Indian Call centre which did not answer query, nor reinstate the package I pay for but
simply seemed to play the game of leaving messages which were unanswerable and inconvenient.

I have no desire to set any dialogue with anyone who withdraws a service without prior advice or any explanation and then asks for contact. I do not wish to have any contact, have not asked for my package to be changed and you are just wasting my time and my package should be reinstated immediately.

This is extremely poor customer service and unacceptable as far as I am concerned.
If it is not reinstated immediately, I will look for compensation and an reduced
cost package from the date of cessation.

Please sort this out immediately and waste no more of anyone’s time except to send your proposal stating when it will be reinstated or what reduction in price you are offering. I have no need to speak to anyone on my telephone from the technical part of the Indian Call Centre and did not ask for contact. Cold calls are not totally legal after all.

Looking forward to immediate resolution and/or compensation with no more calls thank you. This will be recorded as a complaint through the normal BT complaint system at the highest level.

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  • Yesterday our Internet connection kept failing every few minutes. I thought it was odd so I asked next door who are also using BT. They had the same problem so the problem was somewhere else, possibly in a BT exchange somewhere. I tried to get a message to BT to tell them of the problem as I needed to get my VAT tax return done. This was near to impossible to find any way of getting a message to anyone but eventually just sent a message to 'BT phone problems' saying there was an Internet problem. I could not find place for Internet problems besides the fault finder which was pointless as it does not ask the question ' do you have a fault outside of your house?'
    Anyway I got a call from an Indian lady to resolve the problem which by now was working again which went something like..
    You having an internet problem.
    Not Today the big Internet problem was yesterday but today the fault has occured just a couple of times.
    Is your Router wired or wireless?
    Can you give me the model number of your router?
    It is a 2Wire BT 2700HGV.
    Can you tell me if it is a Black or White one?
    It is silver
    What colour is silver?
    Is that a grey colour?
    Ok..what light does it have at the top? Internet or Power?
    What colour is it?
    The router is silver. The light is green. Can I interupt..there is nothing wrong with anything inside my house or next doors house. There is something wrong outside of the house in BT's wiring or network.
    Ok..can you tell me if you have a white plug on the wall which is in two pieces.
    Yes. We do have the BT master socket and there is nothing wrong with it!
    Ok…I would just like to do some tests.
    Does your Router keep rebooting itself?
    Can I just ask if….

    SLAM!! (phone going down)

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