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My recent BT complaint : I dont suppose I will get a response from them! I ordered your Broadband Package (Option 2, with free Home Hub 2.0) on July 5th 2010. I included the MAC code of my existing provider and contact details. That very afternoon, I received an email cunningly entitled “Your order confirmation”, which included all of the details I had just entered, gave me an Order reference number and advised me that my equipment and broadband service would start on July 20th 2010. I naturally assumed, that this meant my order had been confirmed. How wrong I was!

On the afternoon of 20th July, I contacted BT to enquire as to the location of my Home Hub that had not been delivered, as promised, by 2pm on 20th July 2010. I was put through to the team, gave them my order number and was advised that my order looked fine, and that maybe there was a
problem with the delivery of the Hub package. “Would you mind if I put you on hold for 2 mins, whilst I contact our delivery team and find out where it is ?” “No problem” I said. 5 minutes later, I was suddenly put through to another adviser, who made me repeat my problem. Amazingly, this time
they couldnt find my order. It didnt exist. “Are you sure you placed an order ?” I was asked.

After 20 minutes of ‘investigation’ they told me that I should have received an email confirming the confirmation email and that I would need to place another order online. If only I had known that my confirmation email was merely a ruse to confuse me, I would have been better prepared. As it was, the first I realised there was a problem (and dont forget they have my phone number, email address etc) was when my equipment didnt turn up. So 3 weeks after placing my order, I now have no Broadband, as my existing provider has now cancelled my subscription.

All of your agents that I spoke to were apologetic and polite, but no-one was prepared to explain to me how this situation has arisen. It may come as a surprise to you, to know that I certainly WONT be
replacing my order on line. How you have the nerve to charge me line rental for such a laughable service is beyond me.


David Airey

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