BT Broadband – Lost Order Complaint

A BT customer complaint here regarding BT Broadband and phone package which many of you have being complaining about, especially with regards to lost orders.

Dear Sir

I found this BT Complaints website and thought I would mail in. My problem started beginning of June when I ordered a BT Broadband and phone package online. I received a conformation but no order date etc. I waited about a week and thought I would phone in. Guess what, no one knew anything of my order.

Anyway they took the order again there and then on the phone, but as my phone line was with planet talk I had to wait until BT took over the line which was about two weeks.

I then got an activation date and I was on my way….I thought.

I wanted the BT to go package but a few days later I received a mobile handset which I didn’t order and am STILL paying for.

Then my problems really began.

I set all the stuff up but boy was it slow………………………..I called and complained as with my previous ISP I was getting a constant 6Mbps download, with BT it was 3.5Mbps at it’s fastest.

I only live half a mile from the exchange so was surprised at how slow it was but when I complained I was told that it was due to the length of copper wiring in my house????

This was a new one on me but I tried everything they suggested to no avail.

After numerous calls to people who I can’t understand and have no technical knowledge at all I have decided to try and get my contract canceled.

I have emailed BT and spoken about Ofcom, trading standards etc but they say they they will charge me for breach of contract and for the remainder of my 18 months.

Anyone know what I can do?

Thanks ever so much


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