BT Broadband Inconvenience

A broadband complaint sent in by a BT customer who experienced problems and inconvenience at the hands of BT.

Dear BT Complaints

Ordered BT phoneline and broadband in November 2009 whilst still living in Cyprus. Confirmed by letter that phoneline to be connected from 1 Dec 09 but didn’t get connected until 4th December 2009. On moving from abroad I needed a phone to contact removal etc. Had to go and buy a mobile phone from Tesco ₤20.

Broadband not connected until 12th December – Needed internet to find a car, had to make phone calls on mobile and land line during peak hours when internet would have been used. I feel I’ve not been able to get a good deal on insurance either as would have used comparison sites – again no internet.

When we eventually got internet it was slow and even disconnected by an engineer outside our house! BT stated we could be charged ₤120 if found to be our problem, I didn’t get a chance to charge BT for being their problem!

Asked to have direct debit on 1st of month – No,  you charged me for three months in one go in the middle of month putting me overdrawn costing me ₤15. On my BT online billing it states that on the 1st March payment butit has still not come out – Why?

I was looking at getting BT Vision – NO WAY, WORST COMPANT SINCE TISCALI!!!

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  • Please would someone from BT phone me with reference to a phone call I received on 12/10/2017 at 1957 hrs the number was 08009539090, I didn’t like the man’s attitude, all the questions he asked were incorrect, he then said mumbled something said good night and put the receiver down. After I thought about it ,and pondered, I rang the number the answer phone gave the message that BT had rang me and couldn’t get in touch with me. I have a complaint to make myself, so please phone me . THANK YOU.

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