BT Broadband Exchange problems

This BT complaint regards broadband dropping and exchange problems resulting in a catalogue of customer service cock ups!

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Dear Sir

I took your email address from the BT Complaints website having experienced their lousy customer service and ineptitude the past three and a half weeks. I am sending you the email I have just sent them on their own complaints form. I know you are compiling complaints, so please forward this one on too. Thanks for your efforts.

“I am disgusted with you as a company. Over three weeks ago I informed you that my broadband kept dropping out. After doing all your necessary checks, you sent out an engineer who checked everything at my property, advised it was working ok but said there were problems with your equipment at the exchange.

The intermittent service continued, I phoned again, had to explain myself AGAIN, you sent out a special engineer, who checked everything, advised it was all ok, then starting to check back from my property all the way back to the exchange, and then called me to say the air conditioning units at the exchange had broken down, the building was like a furnace and the equipment couldn’t operate correctly.

He was going to arrange for my line to be transferred to another place in the building where the temperatures were ok, and would phone to let me know it happened. He never phoned. I couldn’t bear trying to explain myself to someone so remote who would want to ask me the same questions all over again, get me to check router etc, so sent an email earlier this week expressing my disgust, and guess what you arranged for another engineer to come out.

I argued that it was pointless as it was equipment problems your end, you said that you would make the necessary alterations at the exchange and then all the engineer had to do was ensure the broadband was then stable from my property. So for the third time I took time off work to wait for an engineer. He phoned today and asked me what the problem was!

I explained and he said he would first check with the exchange. He did so then phoned me back and said it was pointless him coming to my property as the problem was with the exchange which apparently is like a sauna, and the equipment just can’t cope with the temperatures.

Am I living in a third world country? Do you really care about your customers? Are you going bankrupt? Tell me, what is the problem that something so major cannot be fixed and isn’t made a priority? Sounds like BT is going down the pan to me, perhaps you should all start looking for new jobs. I am really fed up at being given the run around, lied to and treated like a fool.

I will be sharing these comments with lots of other people, but from the feedback I have been getting from others, your current service is not doing you any favours with lots of your customers. I really do not feel I should be paying for this service currently, as it is so appalling. Please do not telephone me again and ask me to check my router, and talk to me patiently on the phone as if I am an idiot. Please invest some of your customer’s payments on some new airconditioning units in my local exchange and get the equipment back on track”

Thanks for your attention,

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  • I have the same problem, although I cannot get BT themselves to admit there is a problem with the exchange. I know there is and have asked several times to be swapped to a closer exchange just to be passed around, phone put down on me or no call backs. I'm telling them the problem!!!

  • I run a nursing home and while dealing with an emergency I received a call from bt exchange. I told the woman I was busy and could not speak. She then rang straight back and asked if I was busy why did I answer the phone.What kind of morons do you employ.

  • talk talk don't talk or deal with the issue just don't speak English or f and blind in their own lang and they slow our speed even when the eng comes out to do the thes test there rude to him or just tell lies and ive been get a dial up modem speed when my line should 6 /10 mb been getting 56k

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