BT Broadband – Direct Debits Only?

We have just been informed by an unhappy BT customer that BT Broadband customer services will not open a new account unless it is set up via Direct Debit. The customer refused to do direct debit and BT refused to set up Broadband.

Surely this is against the law?

Comments appreciated below please.

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  1. I took the Total Broadband advertised at £24.46 a month. On the set up it offers quarterly or monthly payment. Of course I selected monthly because I can't afford any more than that. My first bill was for £107 AS QUARTERLY payment and Ihave fought with Bt ever since to get it to monthly. So i took it off DD and have been paying an extra £1.50 for payment processing fee and pay them online, that way I dont get cheated. Now they say I'm in breach of contract, cos they Must have payment by DD. When I try online to set up monthly payment plan by DD, it offers quarterly or monthly, but when you input Monthly as your preference, it goes round in a circle, FORCING you to agree to quarterly payments.
    Actually in their own Terms & Conditions it DOESN'T say you have to pay by DD – it just says if you don't then you must pay £1.50 payment processing fee.

    Conclusion: BT can charge whatever they like, when they like, and there is Nothing we can do about it.

  2. I signed for monthly Total Broadband and signed to pay MONTHLY.
    I have not had one bill yet for the correct amount for Total Broadband. The amount advertised for total broadband is £24.46 a month with £18.59 for the first 3 months. This is NOWHERE NEAR what I am now, or have been charged.

    My very first bill was for an incredible £107. which they said is for 3 months in advance – even so, what happened to the advertised price for £18.59 for the first 3 months? The useless call centre could not answer (or understand) that, they just kept repeating that I had to pay all of it in one payment, or be charged with breach of contract.

    As an example of my regular monthly bill for Total Broadband, here are my bill charges for May & June; (I must make it clear, I really do have NO other services, ONLY the broadband. -No phone, no BT vision, NOTHING else)
    26 May 2009 24.46
    22 May 2009 33.29
    13 May 2009 25.00
    13 May 2009 48.92

    05 Jul 2009 22.99
    03 Jun 2009 48.94
    03 Jun 2009 24.48
    03 Jun 2009 25.95

    I have been forced to pay by DD, as they threatened to disconnect my service if I don't let them steal from my account directly. It's all the same though – BT can charge anything they like and you MUST pay.

  3. I agree.

    BT regularly bully me in to making payments that suit them as and when they see fit.

    If you complain about the bill they simply write off your comments and say that they will "pass it to the relevant department" the result is usually that they tell you to F*ck off but in many more subtle wording.

    It seems the only thing BT understands is money, they don't care about things like customer service.

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