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Latest complaint received regarding poor BT Broadband customer service received by a customer.


Very much appreciate the BT Complaints site you have established. You may wish to add to your log following inordinate problems with so called BT Broadband service. Here is my complaint…

I am writing to you to bring your attention the extremely poor service I have received recently as a customer of BT Broadband.

In short, your failure to provide me with a working broadband across a period of three weeks and continuing; your failure to either remedy or deal with my case in any sense of a cogent manner; and specific instances on your part of misselling and misrepresentation. In this letter I will lay out the circumstances of my complaint, how they have impacted on me and my recommendations for how you might redeem the situation and even possibly retain me as a customer.


1. Approximately three weeks ago (13/14th Aug) I began experiencing very slow broadband speeds. At times too slow to even run a speedtest.

2. I called the BT Broadband Helpdesk (14th Aug). They determined that there was no fault on the line. They concluded that the problem existed with my router.

3. I expressed my dissatisfaction at the notion of my having to purchase a new router and pay for it. Reluctantly I agreed to upgrade my service to obtain a new router without additional cost to myself.

4. Having placed my order I was advised of a firm delivery date (19th Aug). This date was not met by yourselves and I had to make a further call in which I was informed I had not received the box because it had been ordered incorrectly. It was a further 48 hours before receiving the box (21st Aug).

5. When I received the new box this was installed. Still I was getting slow speeds, however I waited 48 hours as per your literature to allow BT the chance to calibrate the line.

6. With no improvement I called the Helpdesk again (17th Aug.11am). There followed a 30 minute call in which absolutely nothing was achieved and no cause of the problem identified. The operator could not even get me through to a supervisor or manager when I requested it.

7. I eventually received a call-back some six hours later. I was unable to speak then and asked to be called back at an agreed time later that evening.

8. I was called back as scheduled and this time the call lasted some 45 minutes. Finally, it was determined that there was a fault with the line or the exchange. This, I was told, would be reported to the technical department.

9. I explained that contact with myself by phone at that time would be limited, however, numerous attempts were made to contact me but never was a number left for me to return a call by. I also received no contact by email which I was free to check regularly.

10. Finally, I did receive a text with a direct response number, but when I got through it was only to discover that it was a courtesy call advising me that I would receive a call from the technical department (Fri 28th August).

11. I was not called by your technical department until Sunday (30th August) and questioned briefly on the quality of the speed. I advised that there was no change, that the service was still very poor.

12. Monday 31st. A message is left on my landline when I am out. No call or text is made to my mobile. Nor is any email sent.

13. Tuesday 1st September. I am called on my mobile. I confirm the speed is still slow. I ask to be called later when I am back at home between 7 & 8pm. I receive a call at 7.50. Having gone through the validation questions, even though BT has rung me, I am then told I have to be transferred to another department. Once transferred the next operator tells me, having once again gone through validation and another line test, that I have to be transferred to another department, or rather, I have to call another number and quote a pin number provided. I have to wait 30 minutes before I get through to another operator.

Despite having that pin number the next operator has no pre-knowledge of my case. I advise him to read my notes. He then proceeds to go through everything, I ask him to cut to the chase. He then goes over the testing again and says it has to be escalated so I can receive a home visit from a BT Engineer. I express my extreme frustration that I am hearing now exactly what I had heard previously on Friday. I ask to be put through to a manager as a matter of priority. 25 minutes of holding does not get me through to a manager and I ask the operator to ensure that all the details of the last 70 minutes are recorded in my notes. The call finally finishes at 8.58.

14. Friday 4th September. I call BT Broadband and yet again the same process is complete. Another line check. Another poor result. I am told this problem will be reported. I ask the operator to read the notes. I ask how what he is doing now will be any different. All I get back is further flannel. Once again, I have to ask to be but through to a manager. This does happen this time but all he does is repeat all the same old steps and acts as if this is a new issue and tells me what he must do etc. etc. and how he must put me through to the wholesale team. Further waiting. Forty minutes so far.

20 further minutes waiting to get through. Eventually agree to be called back. Called back after 25 minutes. Asked to run a line test. System so slow it can’t even manage that. Operator explains that the reason for the lack of resolution has been the failure to investigate the problem. I insist that the operator records that admission in his notes and puts his name to it. By end of the call the time is just after 9 and on and off I have been in the company of BT Broadband for 90 minutes.

In conclusion, for three weeks I have been without a working broadband service and subject to the least effective customer service response I have ever experienced, in any scenario.

Formal Complaint

Those are the circumstances to date and based on them I am now making a formal complaint to yourselves for the following major failures by you as an ISP.

1. Breach of contract: For three weeks I have been without a working broadband connection and BT Broadband have neither restored the service nor dealt with the matter in a timely fashion.

2. Bad practice: Without adequate testing BT Broadband have incorrectly diagnosed the issue as being a faulty voyager box. Further, they have falsely attempted to make me pay for a new box at cost.

3. Misselling: Under the false pretence of the faulty box BT Broadband have led me into upgrading to a more expensive package with the assurance that I would receive a restored and better service.

4. Customer Service Failure: In this matter, BT Broadband and it’s customer service provider, HCL, have at every stage prevaricated and obfuscated in the handling of my complaint. I would further allege that your call handling process is deliberately and systemically obstructive.

Proposed Resolution

In the light of these remarks I am making the following proposals:-

i. That you undertake a full technical review of my service as a priority and commit to restore the service in no more than 10 days.

ii. That you release me from the recent contract I’ve signed so I may consider other suppliers.

ii. That you rebate me in full for the time I have been without a working service and that you provide some form of goodwill payment to recompense me for the extreme inconvenience and considerable aggravation that these failings by BT Broadband have generated.

iv. And finally, should I wish to change ISPs, that you will assure me of every possible assistance in doing so, without delay and without being made subject to any notice period.

For now, allow me to make one final observation: I am to struggling to reconcile this saga with recent comments made to BT shareholders by your CEO, Ben Veryaawen:

“What customers can expect from BT is a high standard of delivery … and reliability where it matters most. It’s as simple and as rigorous as that.”

Perhaps you’d like to respond to these points in detail and provide me with some kind of explanation as to how this customer’s experience has fallen so abysmally short of the claims made by your CEO for BT.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen McKenna

Copied to:

Ben Veryaawen, CEO BT Plc
The Consumer Association

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