BT Broadband Contact goes horribly wrong

This BT complaint regards a catalog of customer service errors resulting in incorrect broadband billing and this customers phone line being cut off. Like so many of you who have experienced this type of service from BT, contacting anyone senior enough to complain to is impossible so this website is putting all complaints into a report and sending not only to BT for investigation, but also Watchdog and other complaint organisations.

Dear Sir

I would like to add my name to the long list of people already disgusted with BT.
I am currently being pursued by Credit Solutions Ltd who have been appointed BT to recover a debt relating to a broadband contract that went wrong. I have a colleague who had previously fallen out with BT resulting in his phone line being cut off. This was another dispute where a neighboring farmer knocked over the telegraph pole and BT subsequently split the cost of repair between several neighboring houses. My colleague refused to pay and was cut off.

We wanted him to have a land-line for business purposes so that he could use broadband and be easier to contact, so I persuaded him to let me pay BT (through the company) to reconnect the phone and provide a broadband service. They were supposed to send all bills to me at the company address. They managed to send the first bill to this address and then returned to sending them to the old address or not at all (I’m not sure which).

Anyway, they then cut the phone line off again because it had not been paid for even though they had not sent me any of the bills. They also failed to supply the necessary dial up information to be able to use the broadband service that we had agreed to pay for. Then they cut off the broadband service as well, which did not matter since we had never been able to use it.

They have now managed to send bills to me again for payment (including another reconnection charge) but they are also pursuing me for payment for the broadband service that we have never used. I have written letters to BT and to the debt collection firm and spent several dreadful hours on the phone to Mumbai without making any progress.

I am tempted to pay the outstanding debt just to be rid of the argument and to avoid bad credit rating for me, but I would also like to get hold of someone in BT to complain properly to. Do you know of any lines of communication with BT that actually work ?


Ben Wilcox

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