BT Broadband Complaint Warning

A BT broadband complaint from a very unhappy customer!

Dear Sir,

I have just canceled my broadband service after paying BT over £70 per month for 20 months. This equates to over £1,400 and I have hardly used the service for the past 6 months.

BT have now told me that they intend to charge a £25 cancellation fee. I asked the operator what the charge was for and she replied that a BT engineer would need to go to the exchange to physically disconnect the line.. does anyone know if this is true?

The broadband department of BT appears to be entirely separate from the division that manages the physical infastructure of phone lines and rental. My understanding is that you just need a land line to run any broadband service and I would advise people to avoid these hidden costs by simply not choosing BT as their broadband provider in the first place.

In terms of this charge – it was not part of the T’s and C’s when I first signed up and I have no intention of paying it – I have canceled my monthly DD as a result.

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  • When they say "disconnect the phone line" it is nonsense. The phone line always has a dial tone, and is not disconnected from the exchange. It is done remotely by computer to block outgoing calls only, the phone line is always active (even when you move out) unless of a power cut or a fault at the exchange. If this were to happen it would not only be you how couldn't use the phone, or the broadband.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend BT for broadband (it is not competitively priced), however if you could not get Virgin, then perhaps try Virgin National service or O2 home broadband

  • I belive what they are refering to is to stop the DSL signal from ebing sent to your house from the exchange. They will probaly use that signal for another customer, which is why we all get such low speeds! becase they need a better system, one that is designed for broadband.

    This is only my gues this comment may be completly un-true.

  • Lucky you they stung me with a £58 and a £51 charge for leaving them, I cancelled the direct debit and attempted to phone them ha ha I got given 6 different numbers and ended up with the number I had originally called so gave up and e-mailed them. Now they are apparently passing it on to their debt recovery team. They didn't seem too pleased when I told them that I was passing on the £72 that my account was in credit to my debt recovry team, not that I have one but humoured me for a second or two before going back to being angry at such a large company with absolutely no clue regarding keeping customers happy!

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