BT Broadband Complaint Saga

Here is a BT customer services complaint regarding BT Broadband and having trouble getting connected. Nobody at BT took the responsibility to sort out the Broadband service. Each customer service rep said they had resolved the issue until after many call someone said they needed a MAC code when in fact they did not as it was a new line. Here is the letter of complaint sent in to share with everyone and include in the report that will be sent for investigation….

Dear Sir

Further to your letter which was undated and which referred to our telephone conversation on 11th September 2009.

I note your comments, however, I can only conclude that no-one in BT seems to be able to get the status of this order right. You refer to the fact that I need a MAC code to enable me to obtain BT Broadband – WRONG !! I now have Broadband with BT and did not need a MAC code to be able to order this.

As discussed on 11th September I can only assume that the training given to BT staff is inadequate in respect of sales to the general public and that they only say what will achieve a sale or keep the customer quiet at the time of each call. Unfortunately for you, you were the last in the line and as such received the derogatory comments and are again.
I would re-iterate the following course of events which has resulted in it taking nearly six weeks to obtain the broadband requested :

  1. Initial order placed on Tuesday 11th August 2009 having been told that I do not need a MAC code as it was a new line (not a new telephone number) at a new address.
  2. Monday 17th August 2009 received a letter saying that my broadband would be connected on Wednesday 19th August 2009 to a telephone line that was not my number.
  3. Called sales and was told the original order would need to be cancelled and a new order initiated to the correct telephone number. This was done.
  4. Wednesday 19th August 2009 received my BT Homehub for my telephone line
  5. Thursday 20th August 2009 received a bill for the BT Homehub although it was supposed to be free!
  6. Wednesday 26th August 2009 2nd BT Homehub arrives.
  7. Wednesday 26th August 2009 broadband due to be connected to phoneline following the re-ordering of broadband – nothing connected.
  8. Sunday 30th August 2009 called BT to get status of broadband connection to be told that it could not be connected as the line was still taken by my previous broadband supplier Tiscali. However the representative confirmed that he had been able to overwrite that and the line was free to be taken over by BT Broadband and it was ordered again – requested that no Homehub is sent.
  9. 8th September 2009 broadband due to be connected – nothing connected.
  10. Following a call to BT was again told I needed a MAC code – called Tiscali and was told I did not need a MAC code.
  11. 14th September 2009 ordered BT Broadband (without a MAC code)
  12. 23rd September 2009 – BT Broadband connected – AT LAST !!

In between times there were other calls from BT including yourself mainly getting the invoice cancelled which had been wrongly invoiced in the first place (see 5 above).

I’m sorry that it is you that are getting these comments as they are not directed at you specifically but the incompetent people I have dealt with in my previous calls. I cannot understand how an organisation like BT can continually get things wrong. As I said previously it has to be down to poor training or incorrect employment selection procedures.

The end result is as required however it has taken a lot of my time to get to this stage which I hope, but doubt, will not happen to someone else.

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  • I have to write this anonymous, but alas.

    I want to be talking about that the speeds they are offering are below par because the infrastructure of BT is not up to par. Only if you heavily pay. Ahum 20 mb download speed. Etc, Etc. My opinion is that: They can't charge you for shoddiness of their own network is it now ? When they have upgraded and they could have long time done this, they could have sorted this particular problem of low internet speeds. In Europe they have long time high speed and they have fiber optic, we have stupid old fashioned World War II copper wire. Soon we will have the Olympic Games in 2012 and many ISP's will face the problem of not been able to host such an event of the demand that users will do on their network. It never should come to have their equipment to have reached a maximum in some occasions they are bragging about. What should happen is that the capacity should at least be at 50% to maximum 75% at anytime such demand issues would manifest. That is not what BT is doing here. They just keep going on with their "old stuff". BT is doing as demand comes up and then does the same like whole Britain is doing. When the horse runs from the stable then the fence has to be closed. With other words, as long we can get away with "old stuff" we leave it as it is. This attitude has caused Britain to be as it is today. Recession and rising prices for nothing because it is our fault !

    No no no no. It is not our fault. It is that system and government that keeps thinking loaning and making debt is the way forward. But aside that of our problems ? The speed is NOT satisfactory for what is paid for. I am sorry to say this, but it is what it is. Call me grumpy, because I know and I have seen better. I am a long time customer, I don't like to be taken for granted. But we are taken for granted. The standards that BT is using for their own is their own standards and measuring themselves by themselves is not an excuse to pass on the problem regarding what is and even on top charging you to get better. We already HAVE paid. NOW DELIVER !

    Just an example. Quite a few years ago I had crackling on the line of my phone. Even to a point that I had no phone at all at some time. So I called BT from the Local box down the road. BT told me, they had tested the line and nothing was wrong. This happened for several days like that. Until I got really upset and demanded them to come down to my house and look for themselves. Result was….. that the line from the pole to my house main box there were cracks in it. The engineer showed me the piece that was affected and surely yes there were brown rusty spots on it and some had been rotting away. Why ? Because birds sit on those lines and shite on it and bird shite is caustic and eats even a way into your car paint, if you don't remove it. But BT keeps up, no no no there is no fault to your line. It your wiring. All the wiring that is on the market is sufficient for the Internet we deserve. But when you are in the high seat you can easily say it is not. Ofcourse BT. Keep believing BT where you are at is.

    So I encourage everyone to write down your complaints as much as you can and demand service where you are paying for. Don't let them fleece you for non delivery.

    Hope this helps.

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