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There has been quite a few complaints to this website regarding BT Broadband, especially in the Month of November. This is the latest complaint I have received that I will put in my report and send to BT for investigation. I changed my Broadband to AOL having had endless problems with BT Broadband.

Dear Sir / Madam

My broadband connection failed in the small hours of Sat 29 Dec. I did all the checks I could and later that morning I spent 45 minutes on the phone to BT’s call centre in India which resulted in an appointment for an engineer to check my line on Tuesday 2 December 2008.

The eng came 24 hours early, no complaints there. While checking, he kindly replaced the front of my BT wall socket because the lip that slides up when you plug a phone in was broken. He concluded by process of elimination that my broadband modem had failed. I checked the phones with my mobile as he left, and one wasn’t ringing so I called the guy back. He fiddled about with the socket some more, after which all phones rang OK.

I then phoned BT to order a new modem. This took 3 calls, one to someone in India who couldn’t help me, one to a woman in England who skillfully fobbed me off, and one to a guy I must praise, Chris in Sales, one of BT’s few stars, who effortlessly ordered a Home Hub which I received the following morning.

Later that afternoon, I found out the hard way that my fax machine was not receiving anything. I phoned to report this, which is when I discovered that BT has separate departments dealing with broadband and telephones. Neither of them, however, was interested in doing anything about it. On my 3rd call to BT I got so sick of being told, “We can’t help you” in spite of my explanation that everything was working OK before the engineer’s visit, that I ended up losing my rag and screaming at the guy, who cut me off. (I might add that when I used to work as a field service engineer, until 2003, if we had a recall we had to go back that day, as an extra call.)

Trying again in the evening when my blood pressure had gone down a bit, I demanded to speak to a manager and, after about 30 minutes wait, I ended up with the broadband special help team who seem to be the only caring and helpful people in BT. An appointment was made for an engineer to call the following morning, Tues 2 Dec.

This eng thought he had come to install the new home hub, and explained that he could not touch phone wiring. I persuaded him to have a look at the sockets, which he did, give him his due, but he still refused to do anything to help me. I felt it was being insinuated that I was trying to pull a fast one by claiming that I’d only had the problem since the previous eng’s visit.

My son and I installed the home hub that afternoon, it couldn’t have been easier. The speed however was appallingly slow, we had 2.5 meg before but now only half a meg. I called the help team and something was done at the exchange, our profile was changed I was told. To date, this has resulted in terrible interference on th phones and no increase in broadband speed.

Meantime, there was the fax machine to sort out. I know nothing about phone wiring but I have 28 years of experience as a domestic appliance service engineer. My setup is I have a double socket coming in, which supplies the computer and the fax machine, and another one next to it which connects 3 phones to the ouput from the fax machine. What I found the 1st engineer had done was to run 3 link wires between the 2 sockets!!! My setup should have been obvious, from the main socket to the fax, and from the fax to the phones, and this guy had linked the 2 sockets together! I removed the unnecessary wires, sat and worked out how the wires to the furthest phone should be connected, after which fax and phones all worked perfectly, just the way they used to.

In summary, I am just amazed that the dearest and best-known company can give such uncaring and unhelpful customer care (with the exception of the ones I mentioned above) with telephone staff extremely adept at getting rid of you, coupled with engineers who are either incompetent or very ready to tell me it’s my problem, not theirs. (Again, this goes against the grain of my work experience, when the unwritten first instinct of all of my colleagues and me was to help people.)

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  • i phoned bt for the broadband and was told that i would be able to walk around my flat no bother with this new technology it has a radious of 50 meters and within 20 meters it has a very strong signal,that was what i have been told from the start of my contract and told all this time, that is untill i decided i didnt want this “service” anymore and was told that bt WILL NOT GUARENTEE WIRELESS CONNECTION…they kept that quiet….in reality my service is such that if i leave my livingroom the signal dies…aparently that is to do with the thickness of my walls…really bt is?..thats the lamest excuse ive heard seems as though the actual face of bt cannot be contacted..once you have opened bts pandoras will recieve its contents..
    the only thing that does work from bt is the landline and lets face it theyhave had long enough to sort that out..are we supposed to wait 50 years for the promises of today to be fulfilled..well bt?? were al waiting with baited breathe

  • TO whom it may concern,

    I am writing in absolute disgust at the way My flat mates and I have been treated by your company. I am appalled at the fact that we have not even used your service and are expected to pay a whole year of internet and phone that hasn't even been connected. I expect that you have ways of being able to help people in these certain circumstances but have chosen to steal peoples money from them instead. We haven't even been with you a month let alone even been connected in that whole time. I would never recommend BT to anyone unless there is a way that you can help me.

  • I purchased BT Vision/Unlimited anytime plan/Broadband package and was advised connection would take place on 27.09.2010.
    I received my BT Vision box and bits on time, the broadband (I was assured was up and running)
    The first problem was the Vision would not work! after 4 weeks of complaints they sent an engineer who found the top broadband speed was 600k and it takes a min of 2.4mgs to get the weakest signal to run Vision. I'm still waiting to this day (06.12.10) to get a half weak broadband signal, and yes they want their money—Like hell.
    I've had to spend no less than 17hrs on the phone either talking to INDIA I.T.HELPLINE who cannot function as an I.T. Dept or have BT Engineers visit to say thats OK now!
    How can such a large conglomerate function so-badly in this day and age of technology, when they should be leading the market place not being dragged along kicking and screaming.

    Come on BT get your arse into gear and be the best of British not the worst of INDIA!

  • I had broadband for only a year and I have to have a number of people out to fix my broadband and the problem is still happening.

    My broadband keep going slow. They fix it and it happens again and again.

    I have people out to fix my landlind as well. New wire to the house and the BT scoket as well.

    Its still not fixed.

    If you want to join broadband I wouldnt as its was of time and money.

  • At the most crucial time that I ever needed broadband to work (4.00am to download a file to a compact flash card for a new product launch in Frankfurt airport) I was faced with a screen that displayed Connection not available.
    Calling the helpline for 40mins I was eventually given the number I had already called and told to call later (all of this from my mobile)
    It is three days later and we still have no phone or broadband.
    I look forward to receiving my letter of apology and some compensation for all of the lost time,money and inconvenience….I suspect I will be waiting a long time.


  • Sheila Vogt
    Flat 3
    16 Furness Road
    East Sussex
    BN21 4EY

    Dear Sirs
    I want to complain that the broadband service with you is not working for the last three weeks. Skype on Ipod rings but does not connect. Internet search on computer does not show any screen, just shows explorer disconnected. Ten days ago, I typed and sent this complaint by e-mail. Today, in Eastbourne Library, the complaint message does not appear in the sent e-mails.

    Under these conditions, I can not use the internet at home because I know it is not working. Thank you very much for helping to solve this problem.
    Sheila Vogt

  • I have had to wait 5 weeks for BT Broadband connection. Arranged to take day off work(20/2) to get connected etc. BT text my phone on the evening of 19/2 saying they had no reason to send an engineer out as the line was active. Absolute tripe !!!!! It is now 15.30pm on 21/2 and I have no connection. I have been told I will be contacted before 18.30 this evening, to address my problem. Why do I have no confidence ?? I spent 2hrs 45mins on the phone this morning trying to get some sense from a Call Centre in India and then I had to leave work for a further hour to try and solve the problem. What an absolute joke. I need a Broadband connection for work purposes, so what am I supposed to do !!!!!! Answers on a postcard please – don't try and contact me through BT – you'll have no chance

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