BT Broadband Complaint

Here is the latest BT Broadband complaint concerning their Broadband services and poor customer service.

Dear Sir

Just wanted to share my BT complaint letter to all of you. I am the administrator for a preschool that recently tried to order broadband service. Six weeks ago I placed the first order, on 21st April, and was told that a hub/modem would be sent out within 5 working days.

By the 5th May, no such equipment had arrived, so I called BT to chase the order. Apparently the first order had “failed”, no indication as to why, but the operator took the order details again, and as previously, I was told the modem would arrive within 5 working days. On the 14th May I called again as we were still awaiting the arrival of the equipment.

Yet again I was told the order had “failed”, the operator unable to give me any reason why or any way it could be avoided again. For the third time I gave the operator our details, she placed the order once more and, yes you’ve guessed it, I was promised the modem would arrive within 5 working days.

By the 2nd June, you can imagine we were getting quite frustrated that nothing had arrived. Various promises and guarantees by BT staff were not met, no explanation was given as to why we were kept waiting so long. I called and spoke to another of your operators. He looked at our account and again told me the order had “failed” but could personally assure me that the equipment would be with us in (oh, it’s getting boring even to type it now) 5 WORKING DAYS.

At this point I told the operator that if the equipment had not arrived within that time frame I would be canceling the order – although, in retrospect, that seems rather ridiculous seeing as the order appears to have canceled itself by magic in the past. He also informed me that the internet had been “live” since the 21st May. Not much use to us without the equipment to get online. 9th June – any idea? Let me tell you, no modem. I call to cancel and your operator asks me if I would reconsider canceling if she could “GUARANTEE” me the modem would be with us in, wait for the change here – 2 working days.

At this point I suggested that as a gesture of goodwill we should be given the first two months free – seeing as, by this point, we have been waiting for 6 weeks. After some deliberation with her line manager this was agreed and I then asked to be put through to the customer services department. At this juncture I was given a call reference number to confirm the two month free charge.

The operator said she could now see the order I had just placed but was concerned that it was not going to go through because the original operator hadn’t followed up on the despatch time of 2 days. She assured me at this point I would receive a call from that operator the same day, after she had emailed her with her concerns. Now, I won’t give out any prizes for guessing here – but I heard nothing. Today is the 11th June. We have no modem. And, until an hour ago I had heard nothing from BT.

This phone call was someone from the customer services department who had somehow flagged the order as problematic and decided to follow it up. According to her, our modem is, again, guaranteed to arrive on Monday 15th June. I wait with bated breath. This escapade has become somewhat of a joke for staff and friends of our preschool. It seems almost unbelievable that in 2009 a company can so willfully neglect it’s customers, as well as be so shockingly incompetent. A simple order. A simple request.

Over six weeks of time has elapsed and I have spent over 3 hours on the telephone with your operators trying to rectify their mistakes. Truly mind boggling. I have listed below the details of my dealings with BT, maybe it will make me feel better to see it in black and white – and maybe you will be able to pass it on to be used at the next training event to illustrate how not to business and alienate people. Thank you for your time regarding this BT Broadband Complaint.

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