BT Broadband Complaint

Dear BT

We had BT BroadBand installed around the 1st March 2010 yet within a matter of days we had to contact BT Customer Services as our download speeds had gone from 3.2mbps to basic dialup and we became unable to have any type of webcam chat with family members in England as our webcam would only last for between 2 – 4 mintues before the call would drop and would do so on a daily basis.

We then proceeded to make numerous calls to BT only to never actually get someone who speaks English and almost all were very hard to understand, at one stage it took me 20 minutes just to explain to the operater that my SpeedTester was not loading and that my screen was blank. Once we finally managed to get an engineer arranged he came out and checked all the connections in our house and gave us the all clear as all indoor connections were showing green across the board, however once he got to the exchange we were informed that he had fixed the problem, even though he wasn’t entirely sure how he had done so.

Now only 3 weeks have passed and once again our internet is virtually non-existant as it switches between having a solid blue, orange and red light every 2 – 3 minutes and even when it is solid blue it is once again at basic dailup speeds and our home phones now contain very loud amounts of static, after contacting BT I was informed that the previous case of our internet being down was still open and had not even been fully resolved.

I now feel that im getting nowhere and am simply going around in circles and having to pay for a service that I do not feel I am getting and am even starting to regret moving to BT, I would not even feel confident enough to recommend BT to anyone, not even close friends.

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