BT Broadband Complaint

This is a complaint about BT Broadband, complaints all too common with this service. 

Dear BT complaint

We have been with BT Internet for our broadband. Our connection has never been that great and ranges from slow to extra slow. At times we have been without a landline or a broadband for several weeks.

This Saturday, our service just about ground to a halt. We called their helpline and there was a recorded message saying that there is a major fault to the broadband service in our area. So, we were prepared to wait. Finally the message changed to the fault having been fixed but essential maintenance being carried out. We tried and tried to log on but no luck.

Finally, I called the helpline service again and asked to speak to a person. They suggested that I unplug everything and try logging in again. No luck. So they then suggested that I try plugging my laptop directly into the router which they assured me “would work”. It didn’t. Then they went through some diagnostic tests and said that they couldn’t complete these as we weren’t using a BT router. Our router has worked fine for several years, but in desperation I asked if they could send me a BT router-I would be happy to pay. However, it seems impossible to get your hands on one of these things unless I took out another broadband contract and then they might be able to send me one in a couple of weeks.

I then checked around my neighbours. They had a connection, although it was slower (not as slow as ours though). My neighbour came across with his laptop, his router and all his equipment which worked in his house. In my house it did not work. We called BT again and explained that the problem was not our equipment as another set of equipment which worked elsewhere did not work in our house. Again it was blamed on the router, even though it was a different one this time.

Finally they put me through to another service, for which I would have to pay. They said that they could maybe send someone out in a couple of weeks but it would cost £90 an hour. I needed to get the broadband service up and running sooner than that as my son is taking exams shortly. I am in despair. What can I do?

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  1. we got internet service 10days back. even to open google page also it is taking more then 5 min i have ever seen this type of service in my life. i ever seen this much slow internet service. what to do we r playiny u

  2. am getting fed up with the lack of service and communication from bt, i have never been late with a payment, and yet they cut me off, they then put my charges up with out notifying me, does anyone know of a way to get out of their contract???????????

  3. this is the second time in 2 months that bt has cut me off for no reason, when i rang they said i was behind in payments, which i wasnt as i had paid it, and to b reconnected i would have to pay next months bill, which isnt even due yet, this is a ridiculus service, i want to get out of my contract, but have been told that i will b charged for this,

  4. Well i think the people who have some sort of broadband don't have to much to complain about,it has taken me 7 hours and 8 failed attempts to get to this compaints page.I am told that we will not be recieving so much as a simple broadband connection for atleast 10 years because i live in a rural area of berkshire,so i have to use a vodafone dongal, this i believe is totally unacceptable and it makes me very annoyed especially as i sea people with connetions in the outback of africa where there isn't a telegraph pole in sight!!!!!!!

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