BT Broadband broken promises

Latest complaint sent in regarding BT broadband and customer services messing a customer around make promises and not delivering.

Dear Fellow BT Victims

Here’s the scenario: you have a broadband account with BT, working OK, but simply ask for the billing address to be changed from one address to another (the latter being where the hub is actually situated). The account is paid up for three months in advance.

BT then cut you off.

They promise to restore the link “in 24 hours”

Then “by Friday”

Then “Wednesday next- guaranteed- by midnight”

Still down. Test are performed (eventually) , then told to wait in for more tests, “an engineer will call you”. They don’t.Two weeks later, still no broadband.Two visits by a qualified IT professional at the client’s expense establish that the local setup is correct and in order- it is definitely a BT problem.

Complaints Department refuse to handle complaints until the line is up and running again. But the complaint is that no-one has sorted the exchange problem, and nobody seems to know what to do! So hiding behind this “Catch 22”, this company abuses its customers time, money and patience. Staff all pass the parcel and no-one takes responsibility. No apologies, no understanding of the problem , no action: three reasons to avoid this company if at all possible. They certainly offer no compensation for the damage they cause.

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  • Opened a BT broadband account on an existing phone account, 6 weeks later no Broadband! Exactly the same problems, told it would be on such a date , 5 phonecalls, we are prioritising etc. still nothing. I also feel we were missold this in the first place. Disgusting service.

  • I contacted BT at the end of September 2009, within a week of my Mother dying, to request that the name on the account be changed to mine. I was scared of being cut off. We have had the same number for 35 years
    I was assured that this was not a problem, the line was paid for until Nov 09, the name was changed & I would receive further bills.
    A month later, 27/10/09, I discovered that I had been cut off.
    I phoned BT & was advised, with apologies, that they had made an error & that my line would be back in two days with my original number.
    Two days later, on 29/10/09 I found I could dial out but my number had changed so that no-one could call me.
    I phoned BT again & asked when I would get my old number back & was told it would take another two days.
    I phoned on 31/10/09, when I found that the number still had not been changed, & was told that the BT representative had not made the request for my old number 5-7 working days to make the change.
    At a very stressful time in my life, with funerals & solicitors to contact, the last thing I need is to be blatantly lied to on 3 different occasions.
    BT adviced me to phone everyone I thought might have my old number to tell them of the temporary number

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