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Dear Sir

As a result of a call to BT complaining about unfinished work done to my line whilst installing Broadband I have now received a extra charge of 99 pounds as a ‘ONE-OFF CHARGES’ listed on my bill.

I have had many run-ins with BT over the provision of Broadband to my home. First there was a delay in coming to install it, even though I was at home on the date arranged, then I was charged for removal of Broadband though it had actually never reached installation status,following this I had problems taking this charge off my bill, then after several attempts to get a signal the engineers finally left a temporary line which was a real hazard in my home. This was so infuriating as when trying to resolve it I was dealing with foreigners whom I did not understand so it took its toll of stress on me for many months.

Today I have spent all morning trying to find an Email address for BT or a complaint section on which I could leave my specific complaint rather than a complaint dedicated by BT. This search proved unsuccessful so I have sent off the bill for the total amount hoping that someone can help me to retrieve my £99

Below is a copy of the letter accompanying my payment which may be helpful to you.

Acc No: NI 4509 2333
Bill No. QO 22 81

I am paying this bill in total in spite of the fact that I should not have the extra charge of
£99 included. I have spent a whole morning on the telephone and on line trying to make a complaint which could be handled so I could have an outcome, without success.

The ONE-OFF Charge of £99 should not be on my bill as this work was done because wires had been left in my home as a temporary measure to get Broadband up and running back in July 2008. These wires constituted a hazard in my home for several reasons namely:

  1. They ran along the landing and down the stairs not allowing me to close my hall door without lifting them above it.
  2. They were not nailed/secured down and rose above the carpet making them dangerous to walk over.
  3. They entered the house through a fire safety door which then did not lock or close tightly allowing draughts in.

Since I frequently have young grandchildren in my home and also that I have walking problems due to a knee joint replacement and I also broke my femur last year these wires were a constant worry to me.

Engineers had promised to return and complete this job which was part of the installation of my Broadband but they never came back.

Therefore I do not consider that I should foot this charge as it was part of the job previously undertaken and not completed.

I am continuing to investigate how I can make this complaint known to BT so someone can resolve this issue and refund my £99

Yours faithfully,

Mrs M W C

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  • I would like to take this opetunity to say that, we the customer should be able to ensure that when paying for internet connection – we get what we pay for or what is advertized to be so.

    I have been on line trying to load the BBC home page now for 15 minuites and the BT complaints dept. I am disgustedwith your broard band servive (I use the word service in a very loose term.)

    I am siply not getting the service that I should be getting with broard band. It takes longer to load a page than it does with dial up – why should we be expected to pay for such a lack of service, if you cannt do better than this I shall cancel my contract-as I,m not getting what I have paid for and return to AOL. Also I shall twitter this info and get others to make their thorghts heard.

  • i have just been lied to by bt for the 7th time in 1 week this must be a record.passed from call centre to call centre to be told my broad band would be live on the 26th of august had a falt 1st lie,waiting to conect 2nd lie,cant find a falt we will call you back 3rd lie need i go on!! to be told today i havent asked for broad band but might be able to get it! so the home hub they sent me just turned up on its own did it!! now i have to wait for another phone call in 24 hours (im not holding my breath) to see IF i can order broad band!! if so i can have it in 5 working days!! so the bill sat in front of me must not be real,
    BT you are a joker a lier….

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