BT bills after cancellation and terrible call centre

Submitted by Antony in October 2016

Firstly I’ve had a bill totalling £105 and I have no idea why. I’ve not been a customer of BT for months.

I’ve tried to contact BT via phone on various occasions now and have been hung up on twice and told I don’t have an account twice also.

I have also been rang with regards to owing ~£60, and then hung up on when I couldn’t provide the none existent phone number.

Please sort out your billing department BT and I would like someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to get in contact.

Happy to no longer be using their terrible service and be with a Gbit provider for cheaper. However I would love to stop receiving bills for a service I’m no longer connected to

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  1. I am a new customer of bt tv & broadband only join today & wish I nd ever moved over, spent by part of 2hours trying to speak to someone about the
    terrible installation of the equipment , and still no joy they are calling back on the 9th the first available appointment for a bad installation what a nightmare wish I had stop with sky

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