BT BILLING for services I dont’t receive

Submitted by Alan in November 2016

After finally getting away from BT over a year ago they have continued to invoice me and now I am receiving letters from debt collecting agencies.

This doesn’t actually worry me because should I go to court I can prove I have no services with them and thankfully I stopped all direct debits otherwise I would be chasing them for money which would be almost impossible.

What I do think now is they have been over charging me for quite some time.

Can anybody recommend a “no win no fee” type agent who could take this on for me.

After the blatant blocking of the transfer of services to my new provider it kind of knocks the wind out you.

They have got away with murder and I do feel injustice.

I would never use them again, service is appalling, they are so big that one department doesn’t know what the next is doing.To anyone else out there having trouble with them “please vote with your feet” and never use them again.

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  • I am charged by Direct Debit the following; 16 Jan 17. £87.05.
    20 Apr 17. £76.70. As I do not have BT Line, what is this all about, Full Refund is required.
    Brian K Genders

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