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Here is the latest BT complaint we have received regarding incorrect BT bills or not receiving bills.

Dear Sir,

I have not received a paper telephone bill for past 4 quarters since May 2008. Each quarter my telephone is cut off because I have “not paid the bill” – difficult when I have not been sent a bill. Eventually using mobile phone I am able to contact Indian call centre to pay via credit card.

In February 2009 BT admitted over the phone they were sending my bill to an another customer and different adress 100 miles away. I was asked to sign up to e-billing – this doesnt work because BT insist that the email address on their records is correct – its someone else’s email adress – NOT MINE.

Spoken to several people in Indian call centre who say my address is correct, but still not sending me a bill through the post or via email to me.

Have written formal complaint to address on the back of May 2008 bill, but BT have never responded to my letter. I am now distaught, causing me great problems and I cant get to speak to anyone who is able to sort out the problem that I have. I have no idea where to turn to next, even OffCom website doesnt offer me advice on my problem or where to get help.

Please help?

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  • If you get written confirmation that your personal information is being sent to a different address, this breaches all data protection and as a bt advisor, i say, sue bt for non compliance under the data protection act.
    That'll be interesting.

  • think yourself lucky, i was on direct debit and they took £157.00 out of my bank account on a mistake they made which caused me £187 in bank charges in the may, then they did it again in the july which caused £48 bank charges they appear so appologetic on the phone, but tonight after being cut off for 5 days due to another of their mistakes, i find i have a new number. must admit a very nice man on the phone, i just wish there was a counter so you could speak to them face to face, then i dont think there would be half the problems.

  • iv had the same problem, i had about 150£ charges taken off and agreed a direct debt to sort it. now they wont move my line to a new house because i still have outstanding bills. realy we need to find a main group thats being organised to force them please let me know if you find one!

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