BT Bill Complaint – Call Centre Incompetence

Here is a common yet sad BT Complaint where a customer is receiving bills from family or friend that has passed away and getting nowhere fast.

Dear Sir 
I have just received a letter from you debt recovery unit claiming unpaid bill of £48.19. I have tried several times and left call backs which don’t return. My mother died in march this year and withing a few weeks I phoned and requested termination of the line and service which was done almost immediately. The gentleman I spoke to said that no money was due and that in fact btw were due us small amount. My mother has been a bt customer all her life.

Since then I have had various bills claiming costs and when, after many hours on the phone, I reached someone in your BT call centre they apologised and after some further waiting they assured me that they had closed the account and that no money was due. They said they would write, nothing!

Still can’t get through to BT call centre and am getting very frustrated and annoyed at the ineptitude of BT to close off what is a simple task. The current letter threatens with bad credit referencing etc etc.
At a time when we are trying to get to terms with the death of my mother I am getting plagued with this incompetency.

I wish this matter closed please in writing and an assurance that no further bills will be sent. I would also like some compensation for my time and call costs not to mention the stress you have caused.
I will be discussing matters with the solicitor shortly if resolution and closure are not imminent.

I look forward to your quick response.

Yours faithfully

Thomas James kay

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  1. Dear GBBO,

    I set up a fake business and website online with Great British Businesses Online (GBBO)to see how it would work and have had nothing but hassle since.

    BT phoned me up shortly after I set up the webpage with you to ask if I wanted assistance with creating a webpage. I said it was very basic and that I would be interested in finding out the cost and what was included in upgrading this. A week later I received a bill for £175.06 from BT with all the details I entered for GBBO. I have phoned BT to explain this matter 4 times now and each time they have said they have cancelled this bill. This is nonsense. I have also emailed them twice stating I had not accepted anything and have not had anything from them to warrent them billing me for £175.06.

    Last time I spoke to BT they assured me this was the last bill I would receive from them. However, I have just received a Debt Recovery Unit letter from BT signed from Richard Parkes stating they are going to 'collect the payment on their behalf' by sending Debt Collectors round to take my belongings to cover the £175.06.

    I'm furious and appauled that I am getting threatening letters just because I signed up with GBBO to see what you offered small businesses.

    I refuse to pay as I have not accepted anything. How do I resolve this matter?

    Following Thomas James Kay's complaint above, it seems this is a recurring matter for BT!

    Yours sincerely,


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